Totally Biased Fan Review: Tamara Stewart – The Truth, the music & me : Part 1 : Ruin


This is an interesting concept. This is the first in a three part series about heartbreak and healing. Tamara posted a few years ago about her putting together a new release. I had no idea that it would be a three parter. Three EEPS, I guess (Extended, Extended play).

Tamara is one of our finest songwriters. Lately, she has been living and working in Nashville, but she is originally from Victoria and she was in Australia for a long time, writing for others as much as for herself. She shared the honours with Luke O’Shea for being the champion of Songwriters in the Round Concept.

She still comes home to visit and appear and various festivals. However, she seems to be fairly established in America now. Her songs are universal. They are the songs of women everywhere….there is something “Juddy” about her, something Patty Loveless, Pam Tillis, about her, but essentially, she is ours and she always will be.

Her songs are easy to relate to. She touches nerves with her powerhouse voice, honest lyrics and a quiet strength and determination. She wears her heart on her sleeve, she doesn’t pull punches and she doesn’t mince words.

Tamara has always been a trailblazer. Her life has had its ups and downs and she seems to dust herself off, make brave moves and she powers on. Her returns to Australia are always welcome but we all appreciate her flying the flag for us overseas.

She will never fall into the bubblegum country type. Her songs have that country flavour that will never fade.

If this is only part one of three, then we are in for a hell of a ride.



Birds in Cages

Broke my Heart

Piece of My Mind


His Eye is on the Sparrow


Totally Biased Fan Review: Allison Forbes and Montgomery Church

Saturday 23 June, 2018  5-7

The Retreat Hotel, Brunswick, Victoria.


A few weeks ago, I reviewed an album on here called In the Shadow of the Mountain by Montgomery Church. The duo from Cooma in New South Wales, delivered what I think is in the top 5 country albums so far this year.  Technically, it is labelled folk music, but as country folk is one of the 79 types of country music and my personal favourite, this 60’s Aquarian flower child was beside herself.

I will forever be remembered for my custard line, which was meant as a compliment and also I was trying to use different words, as often in these reviews, you can become cliched or at least have your own buzz words and sayings.

Needless to say, I was delighted when a surprise gig popped up on my screen with one of my favourite Tamworth Sisters, Allison Forbes and at one of my fave venues.

A pretty packed intimate room enjoyed the music of not just one fab artist, but 3. They are doing a bit of a tour together at the moment and living out of caravans.

Allison sang a lot of her songs from her EEPs, except for one of my favourites, Remember My Name, but I shall forgive her for that as she did sing A Pirate’s Life (known to us fans as The Pirate Song) and my personal favourite,  What’ll happen to me now.

As usual, she threw in a few off the cuff songs and also sang a few with Montgomery Church and visa versa. Allison always injects a bit of humour into her performances.

Allison Forbes has one of the most unique voices in Australian music. She is an awesome songwriter and a beaut ambassador for Tamworth and Australian Country Music.

One day, her EEPs will grow into an album and I will be one of the first in line to buy it.

Montgomery Church thought that were safe with a couple of songs but there was someone from Cooma in the crowd!  Their beautiful harmonies, dobro music to die for and some well crafted folk songs made their appearance an act to complement Allison’s music. They have a similar sound….and is Mr Gump would say, they went together like Peas and Carrots.

It was a great way to chill out on a cool Melbourne early evening. Thank you for the music guys…..and may the custard flow forever.