Totally Biased Fan Review: Michael Waugh, Lloyd Clarke and Rick Hart at Bruce’s Casa del C’downs, Saturday 30 June, 2018 with Jason Clarke and Rich Davies

Three multi Kazzie award winning/nominated artists on stage at once. That’s a treat. To have the added bonus of Jason Clarke (son of Lloyd) and Rich Davies, that’s the cherry on the top.

Bruce hosted this house concert with a packed crowd of diverse fans of good music. Lloyd  Clarke started proceedings with some songs off his E.E.P and some new songs that we will hopefully hear with the next 12 months on another E.E.P.  I will forgive him for not singing two of my favourites, February Sky and his big hit, Threading the eye of the needle, purely because the other songs and stories behind them were so good. It was nice to hear and meet Jason Clarke, Lloyd’s son as well.  Lloyd is one of Australia’s finest songwriters. I always enjoy listening to his songs. They have a wonderful mix of being history, story and Australian, with things that you can really understand and feel attached to because, essentially, they are our stories too.

Rick Hart did a couple of songs between Lloyd and Michael. Gammy and I were honoured to have Rick dedicate the songs to us, our favourite Rick songs, but then all of Rick’s songs are my favourites!

Michael and his current touring duo partner, Rich Davies who is no stranger to Victorian crowds, combined well for the last set. Michael sang his heart and gut wrenching songs laced with humour and connections for us all. He gifted us with some previews of some new songs from a third album coming up probably next year…..hmmm, I will try to be patient. Michael’s songs always strike a chord with me. They always have something in them that brings back a memory or something that is relevant to my family or friends.

His songs are even more appropriate for me now, as I live in a similar area to where Michael grew up……just down the road, so to speak.

I knew that Michael and Lloyd would make a good combination. They have a lot in common and they write songs in a similar frame. I was a very big beaming fan last night, with three of my favourite guys performing, and some great backing and assistance from Rich and Jason.

Bruce made sure that the atmosphere was great, food was plentiful and everybody was comfortable and happy – especially Queen Kaz in her specially reserved throne er chair. (Sorry Monica – it’s yours next time!)