Playlist if I was on community radio – 2nd July, 2018

Listen to the Words – Luke O’Shea (theme song)

One Satin Dress – Craig Stewart

Opposite Prayers – Beccy Cole

Long Haul – Sovereign

Through My Veins – Rick Hart

Your Troubled Mind – Montgomery Church

Free Spirited Girl – Susan Lily

You Can’t Hide From A Broken Heart – Sally-Anne Whitten

You Drink – Sandra Humphries

History of Us – Jodie Crosby

Huckleberry – Dan Murphy

The Old Winter Wind – Khristian Mizzi

The Devil and His Son – Andrew Swift

Top 10

Peace in the Valley – Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes

Patsy Cline and a Bottle of Wine – Anne Kirkpatrick

Handle Love With Care – Connie Kis Andersen

Honest Man – John Flanagan Trio

Brand New Strings – Sami and Troy Kemp

A Schooner too much – Brendan Smoother

A Moment Like This – Cathy Dobson

Working on the Land – Col Finley

Letters from the frontline – Darren Colston

I Don’t Have Far To Fall – Mitchell Shadlow

As above, so below – Aleyce Simmonds and Shane Nicholson

Wherever You Run – Bob Corbett

Through the Eye of A Needle – Lloyd Clarke

Ridin’ Down The Canyon – Jen Mize and Mark Sholtez

Back to Blue – Jase Lansky

Old Men of The Railway Hotel – Paddy McHugh

For A Moment – Michael Waugh

The Other Side of The Road – Katie Brianna

Album and Gig Reviews

Trouble with Drinking – NeillyRich

The Highway – Michaela Jenke

Augustine – Allison Forbes

When We Were Young – Pete O’Brien

Red Dirt – Catherine Britt and the Cold Cold Hearts

King’s Horses – Tori Forsyth

Drinking Pioneer – Brad Cox

Annie O’Shea – Luke O’Shea

Old House On That Hill – Melissa Robertson


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