Totally Biased Fan Review: The Little Lord Street Band – Waking Up Next To You




In 2017, The Little Lord Street Band won best country act in Western Australia. They had been nominated in the previous year as best folk act and had not received the gong. It is fair to say then that their label is “country folk”.  JJJ nominated them as a band to watch in 2018.

I was gifted this EEP by a friend who had been to their gig recently in Victoria. A few people who went to that gig were buzzing about the relatively unknown band on the East side of Australia. I don’t think that situation will remain the same for long. The “relatively unknown” bit.

From the opening bars of the first track, Heartache Moon, the toes are tapping and the familiar riff continues through the song, making it a possible shower song contender in this year’s Kazzie awards. I wouldn’t call this one country folk so much, I would actually be hesitant to pin a label on it. The guitars are twangy, more reminiscent of a Duane Eddy riff.

Truth be told has almost a gunslinger hook at the beginning….like cowboys on horseback coming into town. If Laura Coates (The Weeping Willows) made an appearance with her thigh slaps, I wouldn’t be surprised. It almost has a “Rawhide” feel.

Maybe I’m Just In Love – with Bob Dylan like vocals and some very cool harmonica, this has some great rollicking drum beats and key fast guitar, chord change to strum guitar. It fits this fan’s tastes like a glove…very familiar and very comfortable.

Too Many Secrets is the only non-original track. Apparently it was sung by Patsy Cline. I thought that I knew every Patsy Cline song. Very catchy, some twangy guitars and a backbeat that you can’t lose. A bit Travelling Wilburyish.

Misunderstood – Reminds me of a bit of a Nancy Sinatra/Dusty Springfield kind of vibe. It moves along with a careful saunter and it has you checking around corners and watching your back.

Waking Up Next To You – Interestingly enough, the title track is the last song on this EEP. It has a 70’s/early 80’s kind of feel to it….not folk, more of the TMG, The Knack feel.

All of the songs hook you in the first few bars with totally different riffs, beats and styles. Some of the best stuff in life happens by accident. This band is most definitely one to watch. They have something for everybody.


Heartache moon

Truth be told

Maybe I’m just in love

too many secrets


waking up next to you


All songs written by Natasha Shanks and James A Rogers except Heartache Moon and Maybe I’m Just in Love, written by James A Rogers and “Too Many Secrets” written by Lile Bobby.

The Little Lord Street Band Are:

Natasha Shanks (vocals and guitar)

James A Rogers (vocals, guitar and piano)

Michael Savage (bass and vocals)

Alex Megaw (drums and percussion)

Annabelle Harvey (harmonica, mandolin and vocals)


Totally Biased Fan Review: Positive Attitude – Whiskey Business EEP

Positive Attitude

Firstly, I must apologize to Anita and all at Whiskey Business. They sent me the download ages ago and I had some problems loading it to my computer, and I got caught up in lots of work and other things and it was put on the backburner. I finally got things organized and some tracks worked and others didn’t. Anyway, all is good now and it was worth all of the figuring out! The blonde bits of my hair were really coming through!

This rocking country band has a unique make up. Sometimes it is just the girls, sometimes it is a mixture with a full band. I have seen them both ways. They both work well and they are crowd pleasers. I have to give a nod to the cover. I think that it is one of the best that I have seen for a while.

I think that most folks can relate to the first song on the EEP.  Most of us have been in this situation sometime in their lives, especially if you are an arty kind of person!  It is a really good party song too. A very happy vibe, considering that it is really about a tough subject, in a way.

For So Long rode the charts for a long time. It is an easy one to singalong to and it has a very easy on the ear with a repetitive little riff that is catchy and some cool harmonies.

Ain’t Gonna Cry – Like most of Whiskey Business’s songs, this one has a catchy vibe. They have that paradox of singing about a hard hitting subject but in a fun, upbeat tune. Not many can pull that off without it sounding clunky. These folks can.

Steam: Is a real rockin’ track. It will probably have people out on the dance floor. It is a working class song….some cool guitar riffs in this one.

When you come around: If you mixed Status Quo with Jayne Denham, you probably would get the sound of this last track. If you like to stomp and dance to your country songs, this one and the others are the ones for you. Some nice guitar licks here. The drums are hot too.

If you like your country rocking and you can deal with songs buzzing around your head all day afterwards, then this is a great gift for you. Spread the word.


The Art of Being Broke

For So Long

Ain’t Gonna Cry


When You come Around

Totally Biased Fan Review – Gradual – Open up your heart EP



A little while ago, I did a review of Cathy Dobson’s album launch. These guys were featured in that review, because Gradual were the support act and they also backed Cathy in her set. They also had just a wee bit to do with Cathy’s album.

They are the tightest band that I have heard in a long time. They played musical chairs that day with them all jumping around playing different instruments.

Now, they are not really a country act, which is what I review on here, hence me putting it in the Off the Cuff stuff. I really like them though, in fact, at times they sound more country than a lot of bands these days claiming to be country do. It doesn’t really matter, good music is good music.

This E.P. features two tracks written by Brian Baker (the front man) and one co-written by Brian and a name that most rock music followers in the Southern Hemisphere will know, Eddie Rayner. Eddie was of course, a member of Split Enz.

If you have 13 minutes and 1 second spare, toss this on the stereo, turn it up loud so that you can hear the great drumming, awesome bass and full on guitars. Open Up your heart is really catchy. You will be humming it around the house. We fall slowly has that easy, coastal feel. For Love was previously released in a different version but I like this acoustic sound. Like most good E.Ps and E.E.Ps, this offering leaves you wanting more.

Gradual is Carolyn Oates, Brian Baker, David Carr and Darren Trott

They are all wonderful musicians in their own right. Together, they are extra special.

If you like Crowded House, Hunters and Collectors and the like, you will like Gradual. They will instantly appeal to you…nothing gradual about this lot!




Open up your heart (Brian Baker)

We fall slowly (Brian Baker)

For Love (acoustic) (Brian Baker and Eddie Rayner)