Playlist if I was on radio 8 July 2018

Listen to the words (Theme Song) – Luke O’Shea

(This week listing songs by acts that I hopefully will see at Hats Off this week)

What’s on at Hats Off, Tamworth

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_ A glance at Rory Phillips _

I will sing you up – Luke O’Shea

Red Head At Heart – Melissa Robertson

I’ll have love with that – Wendy Wood

Gone – Allison Forbes

When The Seasons Change – Kora Naughton

All The Rivers In Between – Peter Dawson

Sail Away – Ashleigh Dallas

I’ll love her long – Anthony Taylor

Between the lies – Marie Hodson

Walking in Circles – Sandra Humphries

No one will ever know – Jodie Crosby

Feels like coming home – Brendan Smoother

On the corner of Hope and Divine – Cathy Dobson

Shake of a hand – Adam Harvey

Believe – Aleyce Simmonds

From the bottom of a well – Brad Butcher

Safe in the arms of love – Ian Burns

Found my way home – Brad Cox

Old Wallerawang – Rex Dallas

Lead On – Becci Nethery

Moonshine – Kylie Adams – Collier

Totally Biased Fan Review: Calamity – Jayne Denham


I saw Jayne at a gig at Wests Diggers in Tamworth more than a few years ago with Tracy Killeen and Sally-Anne Whitten. I knew the other two well, but had only heard Jayne’s name before. I tend to be more of a ballad gal, and some of my fellow fans thought that Jayne’s music may be too rocky for me. I’m a bit more versatile than that. Above all, Jayne’s story fascinated me. There are not too many gal truckers in Australia who are also popular country music singers.

My partner in crime at my previous community radio gig, Bob Browne, is a huge fan. We played Stacks quite a lot….to put it mildly. Sometimes, Bob “accidentally” forgot that we had already played it and played it again.

I think that this EEP is a bit more of a mix of country rocking trucking and ballads. Needless to say, my two favourites on the album are Black Coffee and White Lines and Fear of Flying. I also like Love’s a….

When I listened to Black Coffee and White Lines, I thought, this sounds a little bit like a Jerry Salley song….I read a review and sure enough, it was a co-write with Jerry. Top song.

Jayne can sing a ballad and belt out a country rocker with equal enthusiasm and style. With the country rock songs, you can actually feel the road beneath you…..and that is some feat, because I don’t drive.

There are a lot of songs on here which will be great crowd pleasers….lots of stomping and dance floor possibilities.

The more that you listen to a Jayne Denham song, the more that you like it. Her songs grow on you and you find yourself dancing like nobody is watching.  I will definitely be singing Love Is ….. in the shower….sorry neighbours.

Jayne appears at lots of trucking shows, all over the shop. She is a hoot LIVE. Go and rock it out with Calamity Jayne.



Love’s a….


Fear of Flying

Black Coffee and White Lines

Eastbound and Down

Highway Rockstar