Totally Biased Fan Review: Catherine Britt and The Cold Cold Hearts – Self Titled

Catherine Britt and The Cold Cold Hearts.jpg

I think that this is the best album that Catherine has released in a long while. It harks back to what she does….ultimate torch and twang, a powerful voice singing full on country songs with some amazing harmonies from others and  hitting home runs with her delivery.

When Catherine Britt is a Hillbilly Picking Rambling Girl, she is at her finest, in my humble opinion. Here she shares the billing with two not so shabby musos, Michael Muchow and Andy Toombs. They have been in her band for 20 years so it is not a great stretch to include them in the billing as The Cold, Cold Hearts. Bill Chambers also features heavily, which is not a surprise, given their extensive history and unique connection with music.

If you have been living under a city rock, then you wouldn’t know that Catherine is slightly obsessed with Hank Williams, thus the name of her back ups and also the name of her son, Hank.

I could listen to this album all day. It just flows through you. If you were brought up with traditional country or you have a tendency to follow the classics with a fresh coat of paint, then this is the album for you. There is only one track that is not an original, but all of the songs feel familiar, like a warm coat on a cold day or a mango sorbet on a hot day.

Catherine has been through the mill the last few years but she has also had some wonderful highlights, which seem to be more obvious in this album. Now a wife and a mum, and with all of these beautiful songs and great friends and family around her, her direction is straight and true.

I have always loved Catherine, I have been fortunate enough to see her LIVE on many occasions and I own all of her music. Her poster is hanging up in my kitchen. I have even spoken to her face to face a few times. She is as country as hay and sunshine and her music makes me feel glad to be alive….and a fellow Aussie. This album is unmistakably Australian and true country.

This album would melt the coldest of cold cold hearts.


Red Dirt ( Catherine Britt)

Too Hot to Just Quit (Catherine Britt)

Met My Match ( Catherine Britt)

The River and The Gum (Catherine Britt and Melody Feder)

Troubled Kind ( Catherine Britt)

Where Yo Gonna Go(Catherine Britt)

Young in All the Wrong Ways (Catherine Britt and Bill Chambers)

I’m not ready (Catherine Britt, Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont)

Bush TV ( Catherine Britt)

I Like Trains (Fred Eaglesmith)

Coalmine ( Catherine Britt and Bill Chambers)



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