Thinking of you, Tamworth

Growing up in Tamworth

It was either drought or flood

You would be knee deep in red dirt

Or knee deep in mud

It’s part of the equation

When you’re living off the land

You experience the highs and lows

That some folks just won’t understand

It was a hard life at times

But they were the best days of my life

The simple things that made life full

And all the love and mateship that made it right

I saw just last week, the cracks in the ground

The fields were bare or yellow

The grass crunched beneath my feet

The creeks were but a trickle

The dams were like puddles

There was a stillness in the air

As the stock searched for food

Generations upon generations

Were in a gloomy mood

They smiled for a while as the bands played their tunes

But they all whispered

Please let it rain soon

On the train back to my new home,

I viewed the fields of green

The rain tumbled down in July

Like Slim would sing

I felt a bit guilty, knowing what I had just seen

So Please let it rain soon

Come on Huey, please let it rain soon.


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