Totally Biased Fan Review: Where Were You? Adam Toms


The fact that I call this young man my country music son, should be enough to tell you how much I love this guy. Not only is he one of the most generous, sweet fellas off record and in his community, he is a fabulous talent.

Some people will be surprised how much I love Adam’s music, because I am generally not known for a love of the rockier style of country music…I am primarily a ballad girl and my taste is more country folk, alt. country and the bluesy side.

Adam mixes it up. It is much like a Gumpism,….like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. He tosses in a surprise or two and every track is different. Primarily, Adam is known for how he belts out a song and a heavy use of guitars but he can blues it, rock it, soul it, and yes, do the gentle country rhythms as well.

What I find with a lot of the heavier country rock is that they all sound the same, where Adam differs is that his songs don’t sound the same. Every album is different, every song is different and as I said, he mixes it up. Even the rockier tracks have lyrics which are thoughtful and have meaning.

On this album, he has some mega gods of Aussie music with him, like Michael Carpenter and Matt Fell. These guys add a bit of additional guidance and up the ante.

I have heard Adam sing just about every style of music that there is out there. He never fails. As much as I love all of his albums, this one is probably his best. It has been a long time coming. He took some time out to regroup, to spend some time with his family and he has come back with a fresh amount of gusto and he is firing.

He has teased us with a few singles and after his launch last night, no doubt, he will be out there promoting this beautiful gift to us all.

Adam has had a few blows over the last few years and as hard as they were, he has come back with a new maturity and an extra polish. There are a lot of us out here who have missed him and his music. Sometimes you have to take a time out to recharge the batteries and see things from another perspective.

They are all originals, apart from “Signs” the Five Man Electrical Band song written by their frontman, Les Emmerson , from 1971 (I thought it was the late 60’s at first….I remembered it from my childhood and it was a fave with Vietnam War vets, but the late 60’s and early 70’s can be a bit of a blur for me….Adam thought that it was more early 70’s and it was.) You will know it, anyway, it is a classic.

The opening song is a thumping intro to the album, a bluesy, rocky song that will be great at LIVE gigs. Where were you when is one of my favourite songs on the album and one of the songs that Adam teased us with. It is the kind of song that Adam does best. There’s a message and it is delivered with his husky, bluesy voice, sort of like a power ballad. Josephine is the kind of song that I think Adam likes singing and playing best. He seems to almost bust his veins playing these types of songs. Say you love me is another favourite. I loved this from the first time that I heard it. Adam must look after his throat pretty well, I don’t know how he could sing like he does without intensive care. He is sort of a Joe Cocker/Jimmy Barnes of country music. Too Busy is a toe tapping song with some great riffs and a catchy, shoulder shifting feel. There are some seventies songs that have this cool feel. There are definite shower song elements to it! The aforementioned Signs is next, it was an interesting choice but a good one. Adam has always had an ear for the classics. Any song with the title ‘Coffee’ will do me. It is a cool little ditty with a country twang that you will have going around in your head for a while. This Old Mandolin is pretty much what you would expect from a song with that title. It is probably the most “country” song on the album…..and of course one of my favourites. It is a sentimental, sweet song. Weak is this man ups the tempo again with a thumping drum beat and vocals and guitars that will get you up on the dance floor to stomp. Never not ever is another favourite and you won’t be surprised to hear that. A love song with a touch of Jon Bon Jovi with a cowboy hat on. Some cool guitars. Something Borrowed is almost like early Johnny Cash and I detect a bit of Michael Carpenter in this one. Definitely a shower song, I will be dancing in the bathroom with this one. It has that train on the tracks beat to it and I absolutely love it. A nice touch is a live track to finish off the album. Bluesy guitars and some hand claps. Sounds like something straight out of Memphis. Oh yeah!

So if Adam asks me “Where were you?” I would say, I have been here all the time, waiting for this comeback album which is just awesome and well worth the wait. Do yourselves a favour folks. Go Tomsy!


1. Too Young to Know Better

2. Where were you when

3. Josephine

4. Say You Love Me

5. Too Busy

6. Signs

7. Coffee

8. This old Mandolin

9. Weak is this man

10. Never Not Ever

11. Something Borrowed

12 Walkin’ Over Me (Live)

All songs written by Adam Toms except 2. Adam Toms and Troy Kemp, 6. Les Emmerson 9. Adam Toms and Lianna Rose.


Adam Toms – Guitars, vocals, Backing vocal and fiddly bits on most songs

Anthony Stix Sebaly – Drums

Sonic Edwards – Bass

Tom Beappler – Additional guitars

Produced by Adam Toms

Recorded by Adam Toms and John Johnson

Some mixes and mastering by Matt Fell, William Bowden, Michael Carpenter Adam Toms and John Johnson