Totally Biased Fan Review: Roots and Branches – Kristy Cox and The Weeping Willows: Sale Greyhound Club, Sale

Kristy, Andy, Laura, Josh and Hughiekristy, Andy and Laura

A perfect example of showing how a good old Aussie gal can make it in the big time to little or no fanfare and come back to our shores and knock ’em dead and go to places outside the big cities to do so. Kristy Cox is the real deal. She hit the ground running from Nashville on Thursday and has performed every day since she arrived. She is in Bendigo today. She is mixing it on this tour with The Weeping Willows, who can bend to just about any style of music, including the 79 types of country. Our Bluegrass Queen, with the Prince and Princess of Alt. Country/Americana. Match made in Heaven.

The Weeping Willows opened the show with some of their hits off their two fine albums and a couple of newies. One that I had heard, the other one which I hadn’t, and I think that it might be their biggest hit yet if they release it as a single. Can’t wait for album number 3!  They sandwiched this tour in with the European trip that they just did with Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes and Imogen Clark and an American Tour in a litlle while, which will feature a couple of gigs with Kristy.  Their gentle humour, amazing chemistry and beautiful harmonies, together with Andy’s fine pickin’ and Laura’s expert thigh slapping and egg shaking, make them a pretty special pair. Of course, I am totally biased.

Kristy sang a few off each album with great aplomb. I really don’t know how she did it,  looking awesome and singing and playing with gusto.  I would be off my face after all that jetlag, travelling and performing!  There was a lot to choose from in Victoria last night, but I wasn’t going to miss Kristy.  No big ego here, and God knows, she has a reason or two to be proud and excited about all of her achievements in the U.S.A. and here.

As a fan, I am very proud. As an Australian, I am even prouder. With Hugh and Josh along for the ride and The Weeping Willows doubling up to back her up on guitar and vocals, it was a pretty great combo.

I was sitting at a table with fellow rowdy country and bluegrass fans, and we were probably the loudest in the crowd, with Kristy’s folks and a dancer who showed us a step or two.

The Sale Greyhound Club is quite a lovely set up, with a beaut room to have music in. The crowd was pretty strong in numbers considering that there was lots on.  They were a bit quiet, but I hope that was just because they were taking the music in.

We were very lucky to have such quality folks come to sing and play for us in the country.  This tour is on the back of Kristy’s recent release, Ricochet. It has some awesome songs on it, including my favourite which Kristy sang, Sweet English Rose, a collaboration with Allan Caswell.

I reviewed this album earlier in the year on Country As, which you can go to by following the link on the side here.

It was a shame that Kristy’s hubby, Travis List couldn’t be there too, but their young daughter Adelaide has had a whirlwind few days and he was on parent sitting duties!

Kristy is a Golden gal, The Weeping Willows are a Golden Couple. There was a lot of sun shining down on us last night, despite the chilly wind and rain outside.

Thank you for the music. Happy travels, Kristy.


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