Totally Biased Fan Review: Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes with The Weeping Willows – Winnebago Lounge, Caravan Club, Sunday 2nd September


The Weeping Willows Sunday.jpg

I loved the old Caravan Club.  I travelled down from Sydney on 4 occasions just to go there to gigs. It had a great atmosphere and the best acts. It was also close to the station, which is good for a public transport gal like myself. That said, times change and public transport situation aside (and I have friends to take me to the new location), the new place does have elements of the old place and it certainly does have the same great acts and some new ones now and then.

I hadn’t seen Lachlan and The Wildes for a while, they have been busy touring overseas and in other parts of the country. It was good to hear them again, singing songs from several of their albums, including their fabulous 2018 album, Some Girls Quite Like Country Music. I now have the t-shirt to prove it and I will wear it with pride.  I have said it before, but I love it when Lachlan plays the piano. Of course, DCaf had to play 5,000 instruments and honorary Wildes, The Weeping Willows, joined them for most of the set. Shaun just plays quietly in the background while the others do the talking, but this is the best line up of the Wildes.  It is nice having them all back together.

I got ahead of myself though. The Weeping Willows started proceedings It was an awesome set as usual and they must be sick of seeing my face. They did well just to stand up on stage after a massive year of touring and appearing at just about every festival in Australia lately.  Apart from that, they have been recording with other artists and they got married! What a big 2018 they have had and it isn’t over yet. They are heading off for a tour of the USA soon as well as appearing at several festivals here and supporting other artists in the coming months….no wonder that they don’t have time to record another album yet! As always, Andy’s picking and Laura’s beautiful voice dominated and they sang songs from both of their albums as well as a couple of new songs and a cover. I had heard these recently at Kristy Cox’s gig but they were brand new to a lot of the crowd and they went down well.

Lachlan and The Wildes even featured a song from their first album (yes, I do have it) as well as songs from other albums which was good. Many acts tend to only feature their current one. It is nice to hear a smattering of songs from all of the albums. The room was packed but comfortably and featured many of the usual suspects, devotees of these two fine acts who always thoroughly deserve a full house.  Fine musicianship, murder ballads, beautiful harmonies, folks who obviously know each other inside out and have an amazing chemistry and songs that are rich in thought and composition – what more could a fan ask for?

I always feel inspired to write after I hear Lachlan play. He is one of the finest singer/songwriters in the country and he never lets me down in his gigs or on his albums.

Bravo to two fine acts, may there always be encores.



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