Totally Biased Fan Review: Rose Zita Falko and Mitch Power – The Union Hotel, Brunswick, Sunday 2nd September


I had originally intended to go and see Becci Nethery on Sunday at The Mantra, but sadly, she was sick and had to cancel. Looking around for something to fill in the afternoon before the next gig, it was easy… is Melbourne, after all, the official LIVE music cap of the world, according to a recent poll.  Two people who are fast becoming part of my country music family, were playing at The Union, a lovely little pub in a quieter street in Brunswick, where most of the pubs have LIVE music…..go Brunswick!  Sunday afternoons, there is always something on there.  Rose Zita Falko and Mitch Power have contrasting styles but they also blend well together.

Rose has been one of my best music surprises this year. She is so versatile and hard to label when it comes to her music. She has a voice which can adapt to most forms of music. There is something of a young Peggy Lee about her voice, and then sometimes and Aretha or even an Ella. She is probably too young in age to know too much about those folks, but trust me, she has their qualities. She is still developing, and it is an exciting adventure to watch unfold….I predict huge things for Rose, if she wants to go big.

Mitch has fingers in so many pies, comedy being his latest venture, though none of us were really surprised when he went that route because he is a naturally funny guy. He is also doing a Bruce Springsteen show and he is playing his own music as well as his gigs supporting Rose.

These two are always entertaining. Rose has recently been to Canada for a songwriting trip and it will be great to see and hear what she comes up with next. She sang a new song that she has written with The Queen of Boomtown, Gretta Ziller and you can hear Gretta in there. It is quite a song.

It was a lovely afternoon with two of the rising stars of the Alt. Country music scene.


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