Totally Biased Fan Review: Philosophies – Bec Hance

Bec Hance Philosophies

Bec Hance has been around for a while. She is firmly entrenched in trad. country in Australia. I finally got to see her LIVE several times in Mildura a few years ago. She keeps the old style going with a fresh coat of paint and a twist or two. From what I have heard and seen of Bec, I think that what you see is what you get, which is not only a country thang, but it is a very Aussie thing.

The opening track to this album is a good way to start that theory, with a no holds barred study of reality tv shows. I think that we will all have a few nodding moments when we listen to this. Luckily, a lot of us can remember when tv was very different in Australia.

A lot of Bec’s songs are about characters, characters that we run into down the street and in the pub or just in the neighbourhood. We get bang for our buck on this album with 15 tracks, a lot of them which we can easily relate to.

Size 10 is partly amusing and partly a bit too close to the truth. I think that I was a size 10 when I was 2. I often think that women are more likely to write songs about their size than guys. You  look fine, Bec.

Philosophies are generally the wise interpretations of life. They are often different and sometimes the same or similar to others. Bec covers a lot of viewpoints on this album, it is aptly named. Philosophies can be complicated, intellectual or simple and sweet.

We all tend to have an elder who has been a mentor. Most likely, it is a grandparent. Things stick. Generations remember.

The Seekers’ classic has been countrified. I’ll never find another you has always been one of my favourite songs, I even have been known to say that if I ever got married, I’d have it at my wedding. Folk and country a short step from each other….this works.

You can’t get more Aussie than How do you say it Mate? We were only discussing this the other day, considering that I am a New South Welshman living in Victoria. Every state has a different way of saying things….I can definitely relate to this song. I have been all over Australia and I totally understand this song.

From the fun of one song, to the sadness of another. Again, all too true. It happens every day. A lot of dog lovers will feel this one. It Breaks Their Heart will touch a lot of hearts.

Everyone’s moving to Melbourne – I’m not sure where Bec lives, but I have moved from NSW to VIC, and I don’t have any regrets. I live in the country but I am under 2 hours via the train to Melbourne. I guess that I have the best of both worlds. I am from Tamworth, originally and I grew up on farms, so I know what she means.

Barcoo Bridle Memories is typical of what Bec is best known for, her Bush Ballads. All bases are covered on this album.

Dancing in The Rain is very much in the Bluegrass vein, and a very apt at the moment. One of my favourites on the album.

Nothing like the hurt – An interesting lyrical work comparing different kind of hurts to the biggest kind of hurt. Very clever.

Drink Like A Man – Not what I thought it was going to be about, but much better!  Certainly a different philosophy! Awesome song.

From the opening bars of this song, you get the feeling that it belongs in an old dance hall with oldtimers dancing around the floor. A beautiful and sad song, which will be a favourite for many listeners, The Love of My Life.

Bush land Boogie is exactly what you expect it to be….with a bit of yodelling too! Get up on the dance floor and do your fancy steps and your awkward ones.

Now I’m Easy – As country as they come. A sad song in many ways, a story and a half. You may need a hanky or two for this one.

A fine album, Australian to the core with more than one philosophy on life and living. I knew that I was going to like this album before I listened to it, I just had that feeling. Give it a spin and you will want to spin it again. It is as comfortable as a hat on your head and a beer in your hand.









1. Everyday TV Reality Shows
3:35 $2.19
2. Jelly Bean Man
3:51 $2.19
3. Size 10
3:34 $2.19
4. Grandma’s Philosophies
5:32 $2.19
5. I’ll Never Find Another You
2:40 $2.19
6. How Do You Say It Mate
2:48 $2.19
7. It Breaks Their Heart
5:00 $2.19
8. Everybody’s Moving to Melbourne
4:06 $2.19
9. Barcoo Bridle Memories
3:02 $2.19
10. Dancing in the Rain
2:37 $2.19
11. Nothing Like the Hurt
3:19 $2.19
12. Drink Like a Man
4:32 $2.19
13. The Love of My Life
4:24 $2.19
14. Bush Land Boogie
3:15 $2.19
15. Now I’m Easy
4:19 $2.19

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