Totally Biased Fan Review: Weeds – BBU (Bennett, Bowtell and Urquhart)

BBU Weeds

When you get three of this country’s finest singer/songwriters together, it will always be magic. The second question that people were asking was when are you guys going to do it again. There was never any question. These three dynamos had to make another album. Whenever a chunk of gold lands on your door, you always have to wonder if the next one is going to be another chunk of gold or a chunk of coal or somewhere in between. Can the magic be repeated, can the gem that was their first effort together be replicated, hmmm. Let’s see, shall we….or should I say, listen….

Generally, I am a girl who likes surprises, but not when it comes to certain things….like when I am going to listen to a BBU album. I expect great harmonies, gentle strumming, maybe a song that you can clap to, a song that may have appeared on another album and well crafted songs with thoughtful lyrics and maybe a lesson or two. Yay, I got all of that here. I didn’t want to be shocked by a heavy metal song or a Sex Pistols tune. Not that there is anything wrong with those sorts of things but when it comes to a BBU album, you really don’t want to hear it. There is only one real surprise on the album and it is a poignant one, and I must confess that I shed a tear or two when I heard it, but more on that one later.

One of my favourite songs from last year was the song that Kalesti Butler sang on her album called Just Down the Hall, penned by Kevin Bennett and Lola Brinton so you knew that it could possibly turn up on this album. Both are great versions.

Kevin, Lyn and Felicity are all different kinds of musicians. They have their own stories and delivery. Separately, they have had great success and they have their own dedicated audiences. I could listen to Lyn sing all day. Felicity has so many different ways of singing and writing that you wonder as a solo artist, which way she is going to go next and of course she has had great success as a presenter on ABC’s Saturday Night Country. Kevin is a legend. He has been a part of one of the best bands to come out of the Australian Country music field with The Flood and he has co-written songs for many Australian artists. Bringing the three together in the first place was probably not a trio that a lot would expect to hear together. While they are all very brilliant in their own right, it is not an obvious fit. When they do come together, it is like magic.

With this album, they probably went with the adage “when you’re onto a good thing, stick to it” and it was a good idea to do so. Why mess with perfection? Each song brings one of the three to the lead, much like they did on the last album.  I think that most folks in life want this kind of formula. It is not to say that this one is exactly the same as the last, it just follows a path that is tried and tested and it works.

The last track includes our beloved late and great Karl Broadie and it is a lovely touch. Had he still been alive, it could have well been a quartet, BBUB, as he would have been a perfect 4th member. Of course, we carry him with us wherever we go. It is a nice tribute and a beautiful song to round off proceedings.

I am glad that they went with another album. It would have been a bit sad to leave it at just one. I am looking forward to seeing them soon in Victoria. This album is a collection of beautiful songs that your ears will enjoy and your heart will remember.





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