Totally Biased Fan Review: We played with Fire – Mustered Courage


A few years ago, Mustered Courage hit the stages and streets of Tamworth and set the annual mega festival on fire.  This is their fourth studio album….I have three…so will have to check which one is missing!  Of the ones that I have heard, I consider this one to be their best so far. The boys from Melbourne have mustered more than courage to put together a fine finger picking good album. A highlight is their song with the amazing Fanny Lumsden.

On a couple of websites their music is described as Alt. Country Bluegrass which is an interesting combination but it is probably an apt moniker. There are some pure bluegrass numbers here but it is true that Alt. Country (which itself is a fusion of many kinds of trad. country styles) does creep into some of the songs.  Some just call them Alt. Bluegrass.

Whatever the label, it is just great music. There are toe tapping songs, songs that make you want to light a campfire in your living room and others that make you want to get up and dance like no one is watching. The boys are all polished musicians.  The line-up has changed slightly a few times over the years, but it is basically the same guys that started back in 2010.

The album that I don’t have is their first one, a self titled one. I just checked on that. There is nothing much written about them, even on their own website!  I just let the music speak for them and itself. I will get the “real life copy” as they put it, at their next gig. They have toured quite extensively, and obviously believe in quality rather than quantity, because their albums are all well produced and well crafted.

Their harmonies and musicianship are top notch. If you love the banjos and fiddles and anything with strings, then you will love this.  The songs are a mixture of tempos and moods.

On the way back from Tamworth, that time, we played the album Powerlines about 5 times between Tamworth and Sydney.  I think that this is even better. I think that it was the first album that I reviewed when I arrived back at the flat, and I had bought about 16 that year in Tamworth.

This album rollicks and rambles and takes you along roads and tracks like bluegrass music tends to. Their first studio album since 2015 is a beauty. I have played it about 6 times already and that is amongst other music that I have been playing in the last day. – it tends to end too soon…you really want another few tracks….but that is a good thing, to leave you wanting more. Down here, we have some pretty cool bluegrassy/folk bands and artists, it must be something about the South of Australia…..Kristy Cox, The Davidson Brothers, The Wilson Pickers, The Heggarties, John Flanagan Trio and these guys for starters…..

Yee Haa!



Fire in Her Fingers

When We Played With Fire

Free Wheelin’

Lay Them Down

Wrong Kind of Medicine

Before I Go

Best Impressions (featuring Fanny Lumsden)


Thank Goodness

Back on the Horse




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