Totally Biased Fan Review: Michelle Walker – Backbone


Michelle has already had successes off this album with Jack and Jillaroo and the duet with Tyson Colman which is also on his album, “Couldn’t Live Without You”.  Backbone is the current single and title track.

All of the tracks are different and Michelle’s sound is a little bit different to most female singers in Australian Country….it has a unique timbre to it and it allows her to explore different octaves almost within an octave!

If you look at the 79 different types of country music, she just about covers every kind on here, with the amusing “She’s got Class”, the earthy country songs, the up tempo ones, the twangy ones and bluesy ones. She covers a few bases.

I really like What I Love, especially lyrically.  Burning Up Inside sounds like she could be Melissa Robertson’s twin…..they could interchange songs here…or maybe a duet….now there is an idea! I think that she might go an octave lower than Melissa on this one  though.  Some nice piano on here too.

I didn’t find too much production information on this, but it works very smoothly and it is a very natural sounding record. Nothing is forced or over technical.

I love the duet with Tyson, but I am a bit biased there, I am a big fan of his. The opening track is an interesting track vocally. Not many people would be able to pull that one off.

A lot of the songs seem to be saying that she loves what she does and she doesn’t worry about what people think anymore about what she is doing – on or off the stage or record.  Songs like Trying to be Me, What I Love and When I take the stage, seem to reflect that.

I don’t think that Michelle has anything to be worried about. I can imagine the fans lapping this one up and enjoying every song.

Homeward Call is full of awesome fiddles and it is a real yee haa song. Tamworth audiences will go crazy for that one.  It is the best song to end the album with.

I think that there is something for everybody here, no matter what your country music tastes are.


Trying to Be Me

Jack and Jillaroo



We’ve got something

Summer’s nearly Over

She’s Got Class

What I love

Burning up inside

Couldn’t live Without You (with Tyson Colman)

When I Take The Stage

Homeward Call