Totally Biased Fan Review: Things That We Drink To – Morgan Evans


Recently, I reviewed Aussie export, Morgan Evans’ EEP, which is integrated into this album, five tracks: Day Drunk, American, I Do, Kiss Somebody and Young Again.

By far the best song on this album is Dance with Me, the duet with his wife, Kelsea. The reviews that I have read are mixed. I try not to be too swayed by other reviewers, as I am not a critic, I am a fan who does reviews of her favourite music.  Some reviewers were quite savage, extremely brutal. While this album is probably a bit more poppy than my taste, there are some good moments and it is very polished.

There are a lot of likenesses between Morgan and Keith Urban, some for obvious reasons, others because they do sound alike on lots of their songs. The songs on the EEP gave you a taste for what you would expect on the album. It is a continuation on many levels, themes, sound, style, etc.

Morgan has a very strong, solid voice. Sometimes, I think that the songs he chooses are not good enough for him. I think that he could do much more with his voice and obvious talents. The title track showcases his voice a bit more. It is a tribute to Rob Potts, someone who was very special to the Australian music industry and of course, to Morgan.

There is a sameness about the songs on this album, which is probably the biggest criticism that I see, what others have said has been a bit cruel. There is one review which totally rubbishes everything on the album and that is not fair.

Essentially, I like Morgan and I am proud of what he has achieved. It is not easy for an Aussie to go over to the big time in America and absolutely smash it. Morgan has done that.

This album obviously comes at a time when Morgan is at his peak overseas….hit singles, an awesome and successful wife and everything is clicking for him. When the majority of country music in America these days has a pop edge, he fits right in.

In Australia, we have a more broad sense of country music….covering those 79 different types of country music. I hope that Morgan tries a few more of the types and does not get bogged down by one type. He is better than that.



Kiss Somebody

I Do

Song for the Summer

Day Drunk

Dance with me (feat. Kelsea Ballerini)

Me on You

Things that we drink to

We Dream

Everything Changes

Young Again

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