Totally Biased Fan Review: Beccy Cole The Lioness Tour – with Libby O’Donovan and the girls and guys of twang

Village Green Hotel


Friday 9th November




I have said many times that Beccy Cole is the best entertainer that I have ever seen. She is the complete package. I have seen some of the best that the world has had to offer, including my favourite artist: James Taylor, who is awesome, but Beccy LIVE is just amazing. That explains why this was my 47th Beccy Cole gig. Sure, there are fans out there who have probably seen her more, but as someone who is somewhat particular in who one sees, it is the biggest wrap that I can give an artist.

I have seen James, Carole, Elton, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Reba, and many others, and this woman is still the best. She makes you laugh, think, cry and leave a gig feeling pretty amazing. Backed by some of Australia’s best, including her wife, Libby O’Donovan, who opened the show with Kelly Brouhaha, and Kazzie award winning drummer, Ali Foster as well as the guys of twang, the long Lioness Tour coupled with other tours that Beccy has been doing has been a marathon.

She played songs off her latest album as well as old favourites. My favourite album is still her last album, Sweet Rebecca, followed closely by LIVE at Lizottes, but the latest album, Lioness is pretty awesome, it is a close third. Libby’s album is one of my favourites of the year in any genre so it was always going to be a great night. It is more than singing and the quality of the songs, however. Beccy knows how to entertain. The crowd was subdued by Cole’ crowds standards and Beccy understands her audiences. She plays to them without losing her Coleness.  I think that she assesses her crowds quite early in a gig and she plays to their needs and wants. This makes her a very unselfish and egoless performer. At the same time, she is herself, sometimes cheeky, bawdy and always, always, honest.

She mixes it up, aiming to please all, and she makes you feel good. She tells her stories through songs and plain speak. Her songs tell her life story, in all its shades. She fills in the gaps and elucidates with her vocab.

The crowd was a mix of Cole devotees and new fans. If you have never been to a Beccy Cole gig, it can be surprising. If you have, you know that you are going to get 120% and more from her and her band.

Afterwards, she was lovely enough with Libby and Kelly and Ali to have a chat, even though they must have been buggered after a big tour.

Thanks champ….I look forward to the next 47 or more gigs.


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