Totally Biased Fan Review: Marie Hodson at the Bayview Country Art Club with Dan Ebbels, Sunday, 11 November, 2018


House concerts are always fun. They are very personal, intimate gigs with good company, good food and always good music. It was my first time at Bittern and hopefully, it won’t be my last.

I am fairly familiar with the artist, though!  I have been a long time fan of Marie Hodson, who lives just down the road from where I grew up. Marie is one of the few singers that I know who can really sing a cover song and make it her own.

On this occasion, she ventured south to launch her new album, which I have reviewed on this blog recently. Marie mixes it up with all of her songs coming from classic country music songwriters, but they aren’t always their most famous songs.

Having performed a tribute gig to Patsy Cline, you would have to expect a few of her songs to be included. There were also songs from Marie’s previous albums and Dan also sang a couple of songs. Marie sang a lot of classics, some that people knew straight off, others that were surprises.

It was a nice, lazy way to spend a Sunday afternoon, listening to music that is extremely easy to listen to and to sing along to.  I am sure that we were all thoroughly mellowed out by the end of the day.

Check out Marie Hodson’s music while you can… there are murmurs of retirement, so don’t miss her if she is in your town.

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