The Kazzies 2018 – Part 7 – The pointy end

Best Female Songwriter 2018:

Cathy Dobson

Best Male Songwriter 2018:

Matt Scullion

Song of The Year – Male


Drop on By – 8 Ball Aitken

Old Chimney – Brendan Smoother

If I was Me – Travis Collins

King of The Sky – Andrew Swift

Be with you tonight – Ben Ransom

Tears on A Page – Matt Scullion

Day One of Missing You – Benny Allen

Watered down Man – Riley Catherall

For A Moment – Michael Waugh

My Song isn’t Written Yet – Chalkie White

Knowing That You’re There – Allan Caswell

Ransom – Matt Joe Gow

Pastor’s Daughter – Anthony Taylor

And The Purple Guitar Goes To: 

Matt Scullion – Tears On A Page

Female Song of The Year:


Hold Me Close – Sami

Ravenswood Lane – Kora Naughton

You Can’t Hide from A Broken Heart – Sally-Anne Whitten

Solitary Mind – Jess Holland

Tough As Geranium – Susan Lily

Tear It Down – Imogen Clark

Coromandel Valley – Beccy Cole

My Voice – Melinda Schneider

Fear of Flying – Jayne Denham

Way Back Home – Melissa Robertson

Bluer Than Mine – Megan Cooper

Birds in Cages – Tamara Stewart

Sweet English Rose – Kristy Cox

It was Always You – Kirsty Lee Akers

Brand New – Kristy James

A Break in The Clouds – Cathy Dobson

Broken – Jodie Crosby

Loneliness – Kate Hindle

And the Purple Guitar Goes to:

Tough As Geranium – Susan Lily

Best Female Album


Free Spirited – Susan Lily

A Little Country Life – Melissa Robertson

Tales From A Suburban Housewife – Cathy Dobson

Philosophies – Bec Hance

Ricochet – Kristy Cox

Burgundy Street – Sally-Anne Whitten

Wild Mountain – Megan Cooper

Lioness – Beccy Cole

Collide – Imogen Clark

Jodie Crosby – Jodie Crosby

Miss Demeanour – Jess Holland

And the Purple Guitar Goes To:

A tie!  Sally-Anne Whitten – Burgundy Street and Imogen Clark – Collide

Best Male Album

The Nashville Tapes – Adam Harvey

I’m Just A Song – Matt Scullion

Mexico – Allan Caswell

Break, Rattle and Roll – Matt Joe Gow

Call Out For The Cavalry – Andrew Swift

The Collective – Col Finley

No Wonder The World is Exhausted – Ben Leece

In The Meantime – Brendan Smoother

Coming Home – James Van Cooper

Never Knew I was Country – Benny Allen

Music Man – Anthony Taylor

101 – Ben Ransom

The Asphalt and The Oval – Michael Waugh

And the Purple Guitar goes to:

Call out for the Cavalry – Andrew Swift

Best Male Vocal:

Andrew Swift

Matt Scullion

Allan Caswell

Adam Harvey

Michael Waugh

Brendan Smoother

Ben Ransom

James Van Cooper

Benny Allen

Col Finley

And the Purple Guitar goes to:

Andrew Swift

Best Female Vocal:


Cathy Dobson

Sally-Anne Whitten

Susan Lily

Melissa Robertson

Megan Cooper

Imogen Clark

Beccy Cole

Jess Holland

Kristy Cox

Bec Hance

And the Purple Guitar Goes To:

(Can’t split them!) Imogen Clark and Sally-Anne Whitten


Album of the year from all Categories

Montgomery Church – In the Shadow of The Mountain

Mall of Fame: Sandra Humphries, Luke O’Shea, Col Finley, Melinda Schneider and Beccy Cole

Funniest Musos: Mitch Power and Susan Lily

Special Purple Guitars to: Bruce and Monica, Bruber, Jenny Keck and Helen Naylor – Superfans.

Quote of the year…..Bill and Kasey Chambers – Don’t Be A Dickhead!


Three overseas tours, got married, went to just about every festival in Australia, had day jobs, supported just about every act in Victoria plus Kristy Cox, never stop, never seem to tire, always smile and care and above all, they are very talented and they are ours.

Thanks to my beautiful Country Music Family for your encouragement, support and care. I wish that I could help you all more and give you all real awards.






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