Totally Biased Fan Review: Chris Williams – Brand New Fire

Chris Williams Brand New Fire

This is a fine example of Country Rock. Chris has a varied pack of influences. You can tell that my listening to his music. It is indeed guitar driven but unlike some lesser country rock offerings, Chris’s music has balance. He is a fine vocalist and I am tempted to wager a few bets that he could sing just about any style.

The first song on the EEP, is City Lights, the current single and the obvious standout track on this production. It has a real Summer of 69 feel, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Bryan Adams was an influence, though he is not listed on his page as one. Tom Petty and Keith Urban are, though, and you can hear that too. It is a catchy, feel good, rocking song.

This 5 track EEP (extended extended play), is a bit of a teaser. I think the timing of the release is good. As Summer starts in Australia (albeit a bit late in Victoria this year), it is a good soundtrack to hot road trips and a day at the beach. The guitar work on here is quite awesome, particularly on Shining on You which has some great lyrics too.

I can imagine Chris working with fellow Australian Country Rockers Adam Toms and Ben Ransom – they would make a pretty cool trio, actually! Collaboration, boys?

Live in the Moment was probably Chris’s “take notice” song, and it sits pretty in the middle of this EEP.  There is enough country in this EEP to call it Country Rock, unlike some other folks who tend to concentrate more on the rock side of country rock. There is a bit of twang there and lyrics to suggest that it is country related.

Chris has been able to score himself some regular gigs at the Crown in Melbourne, which is no mean feat. His music is polished, his voice is strong and the production on this EEP is top notch.

He could easily crossover into the rock charts, but I hope that he doesn’t, as I see a few avenues that Chris could go down in Country music in Australia if this Melbourne muso is willing to be a bit flexible. All of the tracks are good road songs and travelling songs. It is not an album to mellow out to, it is a toe tapping, shoulder shifting rollicking EEP.

He is every bit as good as Keith Urban when Keith is at his best.  I would like to hear Chris mix it up a bit more with some other tempos, but other than that, this is a first class offering.




City Lights

Shining on You

Live in the Moment

Speed of Light

Beautiful World

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