Totally Biased Fan Review: Angela Easson – History


A few years ago, I met this young lady at Mildura. The gal from South Australia (must be something in the water there) has now moved to Queensland. (We will try and forgive her for that). She is a slow burner. This album is a mix of uptempo songs and gentle ballads. Her vocals are strong and reminiscent of some dominant queens of Australian country music.

This was a nice surprise. A lot of album promotions start from when the first lines are written, but this one just snuck up on us and like a lot of random things in life, it was a great idea. Angela is a winner and so is this album.

For those who continually say that there are no great female vocalists in Australian Country Music, this is yet another example of what blows that stupid theory right out of the water.

Angela’s voice and artistry is a mixture of some of the best female sounds in Australian Country Music. Sometimes, she sounds like Aleyce, Amber, Kirsty Lee Akers and many others, other times, she just sounds like herself. Whatever the label, Angela has stamped her mark with this terrific contribution.

Go get ’em.





Call The Police – This single was released today. Sounds a bit Tori Forsyth inspired. A soulful/bluesy number.

Smack Dab  – It is hard when you don’t have credits (thanks to the limitations of iTunes) but there have been lots of songs called Smack Dab. This one is a bit rockier than most on this album.

No Man’s Land – Angela’s vocals are very strong on this track. Sounding a bit like Amelia from NeillyRich here. Some nice strings on here.

Greatest Unknown – One of my favourites on the album. A very polished, sweet song. Big ticks for this one.

History – Probably the most twangy song on the album. It will go down well in Tamworth. Love it.

Rollercoaster – Angela certainly mixes it up and this is another change in pace. Toe tapping stuff.

No Peace in Quiet – For those who know me and my reviews will not be surprised that this is my favourite on the album and it is an early Kazzie contender. Beautiful words, wonderfully sung and top notch production. Aleyce will be cheering.

I want that guy – Another change in tempo, bound to be a crowd pleaser – Amber Lawrence meets Shania Twain. Sounds great.


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