Totally Biased Fan Review: Clint Wilson – Dark Water

Clint Wilson Dark Water

I first heard about Clint Wilson through his Friday radio show with my friend and awesome singer/songwriter, Cathy Dobson. At Tamworth, we kept running into each other after a brief intro at the Spotted Mallard in Melbourne. We both have the same excellent taste in music – obviously!

He is a lovely bloke and I have been keen to hear his music. If Cathy Dobson and Gretta Ziller are involved, it had to be a positive thing. I was lucky enough for Clint to give me a copy of his album and I was very excited to hear it.

I love how people keep surprising me. I have listened to this album 3 times already tonight, and as lovely as my chats with Clint have been…….”I’m Clint, as in Eastwood….” this album is a bloody knockout. I love these songs. There is a mix of feelings in his music…If I die before I’m twenty is a mix of Paul Kelly and Johnny Cash. Other songs have a Bob Dylan feel, like The River Spoke to Me. I love all of these songs with a country or folk feel. That is me, after all. I knew that it would have to be good, given his connections and the people who are part of this album and after talking to him about his future recordings but…..well wow.

This album is so easy to listen to. Clint has spent some time at The Dag and I will see him soon with Benny Allen and Cathy Dobson. Obviously, I love his song with Cathy and it is so fab to listen to every song and every word.

The album does not give much away regarding songwriting credits or any inside information but it really doesn’t need to. I think that every song sounds very authentic and I am sure that Clint either wrote or co wrote these songs.

You can hear different influences on the album, though many of the same vein. There is some early Dan Brodie here, a lot of Paul Kelly and even some Redgum and Kevin Bennett here. There are some touches of Nick Cave in Three Nights in El Paso. I may be wrong, but that is what I hear. I could even go as far as saying a bit of Lou Reed and co.

There are lots of dark shades in the songs but there are also some rays of hope. I really love this album, more than I thought that I was going to, and I knew that I would at the very least like it.

It is hard to slot Clint into one category, and it really is not necessary. Good music is good music. I can hear lots of things going on and I love it all.

I look forward to the exciting stuff ahead, I have already been able to hear a bit of that.

Great stuff. Come on get out of the wind, there is plenty of room for a song.



Dream you were leaving

Odd Socks

The River Spoke to me

If I die before I’m twenty

Thin line

Fifteen years

Three nights in El Paso

Get out of the wind

Nothin’ to lose

I saw the lightning


Beau Hutchinson Drums

Ben Franz Pedal Steel, Bass

Cathy Dobson Vocals

Clint Wilson Vocals, Guitar

Darren Hotton, Saxophone

Darren Trott Bass

Greg Hunt Violin

Gretta Ziller Backing Vocals

Jess McMahon Backing Vocals

Jules Vines Accordion

Lachlan O’Kane Drums

Olaf Scott Organ

Rob Muinos Bass, guitar

Zach Jacobs Guitar