Totally Biased Fan Review: Amanda Cook – Point of No Return


I never question Kristy Cox. The woman is phenomenal and she has amazing taste. Amanda joined Kristy at Tamworth. New to me, but obviously, she is high class.

I loved what I heard, thus, I bought this album from her. Nice gal too, always a bonus!

As I listen to the album, I can see the connection. Kristy and Amanda have that same vibe.

I told Amanda at Tamworth that I thought that she was a Bonza Sheila…I am not sure that she got what I meant, but I think that she realised it was a compliment.

The songs on this album are of course, heavily grounded in bluegrass and simple country music balladry. Amanda’s Dad was a bluegrass man too, so it was in the blood.

So, the pure, gentle voice of Amanda Cook and the polished musicianship of her band go hand in hand. This is a finger pickin’ good album. It is easy to listen to, the toes are tapping and you mellow out.

It is one of those albums which let you ease in on the comfortable chair and think about the beauty and the presentation of such gently delivered sweet albums.

For those who get lost in fiddles and gentle guitar chords, it is an easy ride. For those of us who love some pickin’ and some sweet refrains, it is also a favourite. There are some thoughtful lyrics and interesting meanings….I have always thought of proper  bluegrass as mountain music with a touch of sentimentality. Nothing wrong with that.

I don’t know what Amanda thought of Australia, but boy, did she leave a great impression on those whom she shared a moment with.


Come back soon. We want to hear more.



Point of no return (Ashby Frank/Caroline Necktunes Music)

You Were Mine (Carolyne VanLierop/Valley Beautiful Music)

Time To say Goodbye (Amanda Cook, Carolyne VanLierop/ Mountain  Fever Music Publishing)

Good Enough (Ain’t Good Enough) (Thomm Jutz, sierra Hull, Andrea Zonn/Thomm Songs.

Calhoun County – (Carolyne VanLierop/Valley Beautiful Music)

Sarah, Dear – (Amanda Cook, Thomm Jutz)

Lonesome Soul – Michael Ramsey

Standing ‘Cross the River – Amanda Cook, Thomm Jutz

Two Acres at a time – Milan Miller, Thomm Jutz

My favourite memory – Merle Haggard

Will you be leaving – John Pennell


Amanda Cook – Lead Vocal

Carolyne Vanlierop – banjo and vocals

Joshua Faul – bass and vocals

George Mason – fiddle

Brandon Bostic – guitar, dobro, vocals

Aaron Ramsey- mandolin and vocals.



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