Totally Biased Fan Review: Chloe Styler – Chloe Styler


I had heard her name. I popped into the Post Office Hotel to see who was on the line up for the TSAs and there she was. I heard one line from one song and bought an EEP before I had to rush off to the next gig. For those uninitiated, an EEP (Extended, extended play) is a production that is longer than an EP (4 tracks) and less than an album (10 plus). This is a six pack.

An elite array of musos and my “cousin” Simon at the helm, it was bound to be good. Chloe has the sweetest of voices and has amazingly written 5 of the six tracks with one of my heroes, Lyn Bowtell and one on her own.

These songs have a great depth. They are not poppy and bubblegummy, and as soon as you know the fabulous musos behind this fine young talent, you can understand why they are just that even more special. This album was recorded in 2017, so it is time for some more.

This is a fine collection of songs, with a young lass who has a very pure, enchanting voice. The songs are soothing and/or catchy. All of the songs are very easy to listen to.

When I saw and heard Chloe LIVE, she was accompanied by a bloke who has a little bit of cred himself, Briar Blundell…yes, Blundell. His Dad was honoured shortly after at the Golden Guitars, James Blundell. The people that she has around her, enhance her magic. I think that this young girl will be a force to be reckoned with in future years. Go get ’em, Chloe.




Pass me by


My heart is yours


Think About Me

Storm Chaser

Produced by Simon Johnson

Mixed by Simon Johnson

Mastered by Jeff McCormack


Drums: Pete Drummond

Bass: Simon Johnson

Acoustic and Electric guitars: Glen Hannah

Fiddle, Mandolin and Banjo: Tim Crouch

Steel – Michel Rose

Backing Vocals: Karen O’Shea

All songs written by Chloe styler and Lyn Bowtell except “Control” written by Chloe Styler