Totally Biased Fan Review: Replay – Sophia Chesworth


Despite reports to the contrary by so-called “experts”, the hills (and valleys) of Australia are alive with the sound of female country music. We are blessed at the moment with wonderful female singer/songwriters between the ages of 15 and 95. There are even some as young as 13 writing songs…..good songs.

Sophia is one of the young gunnettes (Kazism), and she is on her way. What a big voice from someone so young. This EEP contains five very strong songs, which some could brand country pop, but I think that it has more substance than that.

Someone dared to compare her to Taylor Swift. May they not rest in peace. This young lady makes Taylor Swift look like Minnie Mouse singing with the Chipmunks. Good grief, what an insult.

The songs range from catchy to heartfelt. This young lady is only about 17. She won some awards at 14. If she is this good at this young age, what are we in for? If I was going to compare her to any big American Songstress, it would be more like early Shania Twain.

Crushed is going to feature in my shower for sure. I love all the songs but probably my favourite is You’re A Thief.

This young lady is a powerhouse. I am sure that this EEP will be on Replay a few times on my stereo.






One Way Ticket

You’re a Thief