Totally Biased Fan Review: Man on the Moon – Written by Billy Bridge Illustrated by Leigh Brown

Billy Bridge and The Dish.     manonthemoonbillybridge

In July, 1969, a man named Armstrong walked upon the moon. I know that because Reg Lindsay sang it to me. My father played it once or one thousand times on the stereo. Also, I know that because I watched the moon landing on our old black and white tv when I was 6 and a half. 1969 was a fairly big year….music wise, for an old hippy like me, Woodstock happened. About a year later, Pa took us to Parkes and I sat at the Dish in a big leather reclining chair and listened to the moon landing again. So I do have some history of The Dish myself.  Also, it is one of my favourite Aussie movies, but we digress.

I met Billy long after a lot of other people in country music fandom did. I have reviewed both Billy and his wife’s (Bec) albums. I have met them a few times now and we are friends via music, our love for the Carlton AFL team and I live now where Billy grew up. We both have a love of this big, crazy land of ours and all of the unsung heroes. We also love children, so as a former Children’s Librarian and still someone who works in a library with kids and Billy as a Dad who has just written a children’s book…..the connections go on.

This book is based on Billy’s song From the Stories Through Time album.  I have included a link to the song on here. (Get the album though and you will hear lots of other stories)

The book is a good size for little hands. The pictures are how a child would see it all unfold. The words are the song that Billy wrote with an extra verse as an intro and an extra verse as a conclusion. The extra verses are great for the story, as they set it up and round it off. They also say what the book is about in many ways. Dreams that seem impossible but dreams that come true with determination and imagination.

It is a great little book for a parent or grandparent to read to the little ones, as a snapshot of Aussie history, world history or the promise that dreams can come true if you have a go.

I know this story because I lived in the days that it happened. It was a pretty cool memory. Kids today don’t necessarily know the story or Australia’s part in it. They should know it and they should be proud.

Dream on kids and well done Billy. Never give up on your dreams.



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