Totally Biased Fan Review: Keeping Secrets – Ryan Daykin

Ryan Daykin.png

Two of my favourite people in the Aussie country music industry are Tamara Stewart and the late Karl Broadie. If they both endorse this young Victorian (you can tell why I moved here…how many rippas are there in Victoria!) – then that is good enough for me. On top of this, if Allison Forbes tells me that I will love it and Brad Bergen produced it, then what more is there to say?  Both Hayley Marsten, on of our up and coming young artists and my country music daughter and fellow Tamworthian, Aleyce Simmonds do duets on this EEP.

Ryan has elements of Bryan Adams and Keith Urban in his voice and style. That ain’t shabby. With iTunes, you don’t get a lot of details, but I am told that Ryan is a songwriter, so I can guess that he wrote or co-wrote most of these tracks.

Ain’t Gonna Miss Me opens up the EEP with strong guitars and rambling bluesy licks. It is a shower song in the making and a stomp track. Great way to start.

Like Wildfire is a neat duet with Hayley who has been setting the country music world on fire. Polished production here and a very hummable track.

Ryan has a very strong voice, a little bit Judah as well as the previously mentioned guys and very soulful. The Way She Loved Me is probably one of my faves, here. A track that crosses a few music types.

Arms Length is sung with my little buddy, Country Music Daughter, Aleyce Simmonds, so you know that I am not going to say anything but beautiful stuff. Sounding very Keithy here, and there is nothing wrong with that. How can you go wrong with a duet with Aleyce. Super track.

War Fair is a clever play on words and a powerful track.

Great guitars on Waited Long Enough. Ryan sings his heart out on this track.

I love all the songs and hope to hear more from this young fella. he is a powerhouse. His voice is big and strong. Brad did well with producing this with polish and fire.

He is definitely one to watch. Glad to be an honorary Victorian when I hear young fellas like this. Thanks Forbesy for the tip.




Ain’t Gonna Miss Me

Like Wildfire – (with Hayley Marsten)

The Way She Loved Me

Arms Length (with Aleyce Simmonds)

War Fair

Waited Long Enough


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