Totally Biased Fan Review: Replay – Sophia Chesworth


Despite reports to the contrary by so-called “experts”, the hills (and valleys) of Australia are alive with the sound of female country music. We are blessed at the moment with wonderful female singer/songwriters between the ages of 15 and 95. There are even some as young as 13 writing songs…..good songs.

Sophia is one of the young gunnettes (Kazism), and she is on her way. What a big voice from someone so young. This EEP contains five very strong songs, which some could brand country pop, but I think that it has more substance than that.

Someone dared to compare her to Taylor Swift. May they not rest in peace. This young lady makes Taylor Swift look like Minnie Mouse singing with the Chipmunks. Good grief, what an insult.

The songs range from catchy to heartfelt. This young lady is only about 17. She won some awards at 14. If she is this good at this young age, what are we in for? If I was going to compare her to any big American Songstress, it would be more like early Shania Twain.

Crushed is going to feature in my shower for sure. I love all the songs but probably my favourite is You’re A Thief.

This young lady is a powerhouse. I am sure that this EEP will be on Replay a few times on my stereo.






One Way Ticket

You’re a Thief


Totally Biased Fan Review: The Deep – Georgie Taylor


Of all the new female voices that I have heard recently, this young lady has to be near the top of the tree. It was no surprise to hear that she is studying musical theatre….or something like that. She has a very powerful voice that could go a few ways. I can imagine her in a musical like “Blood Brothers”, with her very sensitive yet powerful voice. She has a vulnerability that could come from youth or could come from the sensitivity of a songwriter.  It is hard to pick favourites on this EEP. All the songs are strong contenders.

Her vocals are very powerful, whether she is singing a slower, softer song or a bigger number. There are similarities to other singers, not just in country music but in musicals and in folk and pop music. If you listen closely to Love, Lust and Heartbreak, you will spot it pretty much straight away, it is almost a playful song, though about a kind of sad subject.

Georgie certainly has quite the range, not only in her vocals but in her styles. It would be a bit unfair to put her into one category.

A great way to end the EEP is Tired, almost acted out by Georgie, a little play in one song.

Splendid start for this youngster. Keep going strong. This song, Tied Down in Chains and Hey Honey are my three favourites.




Hey Honey

Lost at Sea

Tied Down in Chains


Love, Lust and Heartbreak


Totally Biased Fan Review: Something More – Brittany Elise


I love hearing new artists in country music. They may just be new to me, rather than you, but I especially love it when they are this bloody good. Wow, no mistaking Brittany Elise for anything but country.

These are story songs, which essentially is what Country Music is all about. Brittany Elise has a very strong country voice and her songs are notably autobiographical or at least related to her story.

We don’t have many science and P.E teachers in country music, though we do have a few art, music and history and drama teachers. Brittany Elise leads a full life, so what we can grab from her music wise is something to be treasured.

Though she starts with two up tempo songs, some of the others are more gentle. The third one is catchy but a little slower.

I think that Brittany Elise will up the ante as she produces more music. I can imagine her varying her songs constantly and singing to a wide audience. From the lyrics, I can derive that she is not backward in coming forward.

Some lovely personal and sweet songs mixed with more upbeat ones, there is something for everyone on this EEP.

I heard Brittany Elise at Tamworth this year for a little bit and it was a no brainer to buy the EEP.  I really do like her sound. It is good to hear a young person sing in a traditional style but with a twist.

As I bought it on iTunes, I don’t have much information, but the production of the songs is very slick and the musicianship is spot on. I really love this EEP and I am looking forward to hearing more.



Something More: The title track, a country rocking song, very catchy and great for the dance floor. Nice fiddle.

Pit Stop: Another up beat track, containing a strong warning for a someone to move on.

Dear Girl: Catchy but slower song with a strong message…..I don’t want to get on her bad side.

Dorothy May: A nice gentle song. Probably the song that brings out the torch and twang in her tone the most. Lovely stuff.  It is also, by a nose, my favourite song on the EEP. I am also a sucker for songs about Grandmothers. (Sorry, spoiler there)

Another Day: This is my second pick.  Very different to Dorothy May, but very country and a real thigh slapper. No doubt based on her full life!

Love You: In some articles called P.S. I Love you, which of course is the title of a Beatles song and a movie, but on the album it says Love You. Either way, it is a beaut song and up there with my faves. Great song.

Last Words: Another awesome song and a great way to finish the EEP, not just because of the title.