The Single Life – Episode 3


Bolting out of the stables is a bluesy, raunchy track – Next Big Thing (Rukkus Room Remix) by Hayley Jensen, the toast of Tamworth this year (along with Andrew Swift) – they were everywhere.  My country music daughter, Amber Lawrence released Hey from her upcoming Spark album. It is a rollicking track with some awesome lyrics. It will get the crowds singing and dancing, but it has a message too. The woman with the most fabulous name in the business, Kelly Brouhaha, belts out 40,000 Star Hotel from her upcoming album which will just blow everybody away. If Bonnie Raitt and Janis Joplin had a little sister, this would be her.  Just a friendly warning, radio, she does say fudge. Awesome song. Anita Tresidder has released Bucket List which more than mentions Beccy Cole. A song that dreams are made of….give it a spin.  My County Music son, Adam Toms, released one of his most beautiful songs yet, This Old Mandolin. It is a bit slower for this country rocker, but I love it.  Sara Storer released How Sweet The Voice (see my album review of Raindance) – a really sad and beautiful song – a bit different, like the album.  Have some tissues handy.  New Harmony by Felicity Urquhart has been getting a lot of airplay in part on Saturday Night Country as part of her theme song, but now we get to hear it in full (See my album review on Frozen Rabbit). Little Heartbreaker by Karen Craigie is entering the charts, featured on the album review that I have written this week.

Keep alerting me of new singles. I’ll keep promoting them.

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