Totally Biased Fan Review: Truth and Trickery – Paula Standing (EEP)

paula-standing-good-heart-launch-9-1024x819.jpg Truth-Trickery-header-Paula-Standing-The-Clothesline.jpg

Paula Standing has an old fashioned sound. I am not just talking about lyrics and tunes, but in her vocal style. However, she does not sing other people’s songs on this EEP, she sings her own creations, but with that undeniable sound and reflective feel of yesteryear.

It is an easy going country style that is injected into most of these songs. It is wonderful to know that the only collaboration on this EEP is with my dear FB friend, Lola Brinton.  These songs are old school and isn’t it refreshing to know that  – with so many other things injected into country music these days, good and bad, that some things are still sacred.

The six songs on this EEP are songs to mellow out to. Picking favourites is hard. I do like A Good Day, Heartaches Coming Around and Beautiful the best, but they are all terrific tracks, and surprising. The singing is similar to Kel Anne Brandt, which is a pretty good compliment. Well produced and easy on the ear, these songs are great to mellow out to and age old.

Sweet and significant. Hope to hear more from Paula.



A Good Day

All Over By Christmas

Heartaches coming Around

The war ain’t over

Oh Baby (Why Am I)


All works written by Paula Standing except lyrics in Heartaches Coming Around by Lola Brinton.

Lead Vocals Paula Standing

Guitars and Backing Vocals Emily  A Smith

Percussion: Holly Thomas

Bass: Shirleen Khemlani

Violin: Emma Luker

Keys: Richard Coates

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Wizard Tone Studios.


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