Totally Biased Fan Review: Please Send Rain – Kerry Kennedy (Take 2)


(NB – I reviewed this a while ago, but for some strange reason, my post was wiped! I shall now attempt to do it again, though it will be different to the first review – sorry)

Kerry Kennedy’s very unique, easy to pick voice is the basis for this man’s talent. It is a style which stands out from the crowd. He is also a great songwriter, one of those underrated ones. Kerry has long been a crowd pleaser at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, though his range is broad and he can pretty well sing and play anything.

His songs are usually based on his life experiences and things close to his heart.  This album is probably Kerry at his most mellow and reflective. He kicks off the album with I’m Gonna Miss Ya, which gently eases us into a mood with some sweet almost slowhand 60’s guitar licks.

He picks things up with Nolan St. It has a 50’s rockin’ feel. Nostalgic in a few ways.

Please Send Rain starts up with a bluesy riff which then breaks into a prayer of sorts, wishing and hoping for rain. In the area where Kerry lives in Queensland and for most of Eastern Australia in the last few years, we have needed rain. Many songwriters have written about the situation, this is one of the best offerings.

This EEP then goes on to include one of the sweetest Kerry Kennedy songs ever, a song that has had a lot of airplay on community radio. Goodnight Little Man.  Awww.

Straight Up has a Monkeesque beginning (like I’m not your Steppin’ Stone) and it probably has a similar meaning. Great drums.

The EEP concludes with Black Dog, which is reflective of a common problem in recent years, and it was probably there for many years with many folks, it is just now we talk and sing more about it.

I can’t remember what I wrote in the first review, but I would imagine that it would be of a similar nature. The joys of modern technology. Anyway, at least, it is a way of promoting Kerry twice and he deserves that……at least.

This is a fine EEP. Hopefully, we will get to hear more of him soon.


I’m Gonna Miss Ya

Nolan Street

Please Send Rain

Goodnight Little Man

Straight Up

Black Dog

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