Totally Biased Fan Review: Heartland – Matt Ward


When I first heard Matt Ward, I knew that I was on to something special. Last year was the year of the Ben, this year is the year of the  Matt, and this is one of them.

I went to the Melbourne launch of his album last night, and it just confirmed my dedication to this young man from Adelaide. He ups the ante at his gigs, making the songs sound more like a party than the reality of the songs that are so tender and meaningful, but either way, they are worth the ride.

Matt explained to me last night and then in the gig itself that the songs formed part of a story. It is a concept album, and it has a thread that walks the line.

With the magician, Matt Fell behind this album and the fabulous musicians and singers behind this, how can you go wrong.

I guess that Better Man, Annabelle and Now that you have my heart are my favourites, but if you follow the storyline, each song is important in the total make up of the album.

I love the liner notes and the lyrics printed in this album. That is why I still buy cds rather than just download or stream.  If I am not sure what the songs mean, I can turn to these and it helps my understanding.

Matt has a wonderful heartfelt approach to his writing and his singing. When he talks to you, he means what he says and says what he means. This comes out in his songs. His puts his heart on his sleeve as he takes you through a journey with his songs, some which, in his words, are true, or they are not.

This album is like reading an autobiography, or not. I think that Matt wll be around for a long time to come. Each song touches your heart and sticks in your mind and makes you feel something special.

What more can a gal ask for?



Now that you have my heart (intro)

Better man

Left Behind

Washed Up (featuring Bonnie Montgomery)

What I Should Do Now

Take me home

Back to the Country


Nineteen Sixty-Five

Now That You Have My Heart



Matt Ward – vocals,  acoustic guitar

Matt Fell – electric bass, banjo, piano, organ

Glen Hannah – Electric and Acoustic guitar and dobro

Josh Schuberth – drums and percussion

Jy- Perry Banks – Pedal Steel

Luke Moller – Violin, Mandolin

James Church – Dobro

Bonnie Montgomery – vocals – Washed Up

Katie Brianna – = vocals

Brielle Davis – vocals


All songs written by Matt Ward

Produced by Matt Fell