Totally Biased Fan Review: The Heart of the City – Nathan Seeckts


I had heard Nathan’s name around Tamworth this year. Sadly, I didn’t get to see him. A few muso friends back in Victoria told me to listen in. Ironically and fortuitously, I ran into Nathan at Allan Caswell’s songwriting session on the weekend in Melbourne. In rather an amusing collision, we realised who each other was. Of course, I am in the minor role and Nathan is in the major one. This guy has a voice that brings down buildings. I listened to his song –  Three Soldiers and I just thought, shit, this guy is just the real deal.

He is a powerhouse. The voice alone is dynamic. The songs are just incredible. This is totally Kaz stuff. We are so blessed in Victoria. The singers and songwriters are just getting plentiful and so high quality.

Nathan sang Three Soldiers for us on Saturday and it is probably still my fave on this album.  To me, Nathan is doing this year what Andrew Swift did for us last year.

Every so often, an artist comes along who just blows you away, normally without trying, it just comes naturally. Nathan is doing that for me, right now.  His voice stirs something deep inside of me and I am sure he will inside many other fans.

His songs are a mix of country blues, country folk and of course Alt. Country. He is a young, unassuming bloke and I think that this is just an amazing kickstart to what should be an awesome year. If you are not impressed by the quality and emotion of these tracks then I will give up on this caper.

He has a rawness and sensitivity that will just break down all conceivable barriers. He belts out his songs with such power and emotion that you really just can’t ignore him. He is the Australian version of Chris Stapleton…in fact, I think that he is better. I am so impressed by this young man. He does my country heart in.

I can’t pick fave songs, I love them all. Go get ’em, Nathan.



01. Old Blood
02. Beast Beneath the Bed
03. Sirens
04. Moonlight Creek
05. All Night, Hold Tight
06. Thunder and Rain
07. Three Soldiers
08. I’m Your Queen
09. Whiskey Drunk
10. Houselights

Nathan Seeckts – Vocals and guitars
Sean McDonnell – Guitars
Matt Dietrich – Bass
Mark McLeod – Drums and percussion
Rory Millar – Harmonica
Kat Chish – Violin
Nathan Barrett – Backing vocals
Gretta Ziller – Backing vocals

Produced by Nathan Seeckts and Roger Bergodaz

All songs written by Nathan Seeckts.