The Single Life – Episode 4


The hits keep on coming! Wonderful Tamworth gal, Ashleigh Dallas’s new album is out soon, but in the meantime, we have her new single, Vacation to trip on…when in Tamworth in January, I heard Matt Scullion, who won the Kazzie award last year for Male Songwriter of the Year, debut his upcoming and now released single, Aussie As. This Karen known as Kaz (you’ll get it when you hear the song), just loves it. The long awaited single from Liam Brew has finally been released, A Few More Roads. The last time that the then curly haired Liam released an album, he won a Kazzie.  One of my favourites, Brad Butcher has just released a new song, Nature’s Course. Can’t wait for the album. This song has more guitars than usual but a song in the tradition of all good Brad songs. Newlywed, Amber Lawrence has released Hey, to be featured on her upcoming album, Spark. Amber is showing her positive vibes and it is obvious that she is enjoying life at the moment. The song that sounds so familiar from the beginning (it is featured on Saturday Night Country)  New Harmony from another wonderful Tamworth girl, Felicity Urquhart, is a great song from the Frozen Rabbit album. If you have a new single, let me know, and I will do my country flashdance on this blog post.

I am an album girl, but this is kind of fun. Hit me with them.