Totally Biased Fan Review: The Devil Found Work – Kevin Johnson


The guy that my family has always called “Uncle Kev” (yes, I am a Johnson and a K Johnson at that) – is still one of my favourite songwriters of all time. His song Oleanders is probably one of my favourite songs of all time.

He wrote songs about his sons, Shane and Scott and he now writes songs about his grandchildren.

I have been to a few Kevin Johnson gigs over the years, most recently at Marrickville in Sydney a few years ago.

He has a wonderful legacy of songs, and now he steps into a new era. Kevin Johnson, above all , is a great storyteller. My late uncle, Dennis and my aunty, Margaret, joined him once for dinner with friends and had great discussions on his music and the stories behind them, I was always a bit jealous about that.

Some of these songs are classic Kevin songs and stories but others are a change-up and and more up tempo than what most KJ fans are used to.

Kevin has a distinctive voice. He has this honest approach in what he sings and writes about and his sound does not waiver. In Another Time, in another Place, The Gentle Heart,  Time, Fairy Tales are standouts.

It is so wonderful to hear Kevin back on the airwaves. He is a national treasure and an Australian singer/songwriting legend. Thank you, “Uncle Kev” for all that you have contributed to Australian music and to my life. I remember every concert and every song. If there were more like you and less like others, the world would be a better place.


Track Listing:

The Devil Found Work

In Another Time, In Another Place

Political Shuffle

The Gentle Heart

There Comes A Time

Lola (Life just carries us on)




Emmylou Those Funny things you do)


Gypsy (Life hurries by so quickly)

Further Down the Line

All songs by Kevin Johnson




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