The Single Life – Episode 5


Aaron D’Arcy is releasing a new song, officially, on 31st May, called Postcard, featuring Dani Young.  It is currently being flogged on Community Radio as it should be. It is a beaut track. A bluesy number that is just a bit longer than most commercial singles, but well worth the listen.  Aaron has an album later in the year, but this is just a great start. Gareth Leach has released another single of his last album, (Death and Taxes) – this one is Better or Worse…..the tune sounds like gunslingers coming into town. It fits the lyrics. Gareth and Aaron have a similar energy. (Check out the 2018 album if you haven’t already, it is very good). From two bluesy sounding boys to the sweetness and mellowness of Cassidy-Rae with More. It is a good role model song for teenage girls, in particular. Cassidy-Rae sings a bit like Aleyce Simmonds, I look forward to hearing more. It is a knockout song. I would have to be hanging from the Moon to sing notes that high.

Toyota Starmaker winner for 2019 this year, Blake O’Connor has released a new song, Beautiful as You. Blake is quite an extraordinary singer who makes great choices in what he sings. I really like this song and can’t wait for the album. One of the busiest boys at Tamworth this year was Liam Kennedy-Clark. The Kiwi who is now firmly ensconced in Australia can play just about anything. His album, Another Habit, will be released soon but this song, Bottom of an Empty Bottle is a pure country song featuring two of the essentials of pure country songs, booze and a broken heart. Liam has a beaut, big, booming voice, that can also mellow out. I can’t wait for the whole album, the three songs that I have heard so far are just fabulous.

If you have a single, let me know.



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