Totally Biased Fan Review: This Girl – Andersonlane

Andersonlane This Girl

For those who doubt that “real” country music is still alive, give this album a real good listen. Along with the likes of the retired Sandra Humphries and Amber Joy Poulton and Marie Hodson, this lady is keeping the trad sound pumping. All original songs but with that great balance of torch and twang and very reminiscent of folks like Loretta, Tammy and co, but with her own twist.

There’s nothing girly or pop about this album. Fairytale is a big shower song contender for the Kazzies this year. It is really catchy without being poppy. If you look through the musos listed below, you will probably get the idea how polished this album is instrumentally. It is backed up with one of the most pure country voices that I have heard for a long time.

As a girl from Tamworth and the Central Coast, I know about country voices. Cheryl Anderson has the goods. It’s a cowboy thing was written with Sir Allan Caswell (no surprise) and a collection of songwriters at another one of Allan’s songwriting sessions.

Each of these songs could be released as a single and do well. James Dean, a quirky, fun kind of song has been the official single but there will be plenty more. I am not sure if others have been released, but they will be. They are all different, some heartbreakers, others following the ingredients of what makes up the subjects of a lot of country songs….good country songs.

Some are slow and steady, others are uptempo and shoulder shifting, and foot stomping. This album will play well in Tamworth. I hope that Cheryl will take it there and play the hell out of it. They will lap it up.

I am really excited about these well crafted, down to earth songs and the strong vocals and great musicianship.

I am the jukebox is a song that the likes of Patsy Cline, Loretta, Reba and Tammy would have loved to have sung, as well as Don Williams, Tom T Hall, Charlie Rich and the like.

This album is a great balance between tempos, subjects, moods and lots of attitude.  While it has that 70’s American Country Music sound, it is by no means unAustralian. It has a lot of the Aussie ratbag about it and the type of songs that true country fans just lap up.

This is a rippa. Go fetch it and play it. I have played it 5 times already – it goes faster than a bushfire through the Blue Mountains and I can imagine that it will be on every Truckie’s trip. It is a real road album, or something for a lazy Sunday arvo or fired up Saturday night. Mellow out or rock on down the road. Well done Andersonlane.




I am the jukebox

I saw mumma crying



James Dean

This girl


It’s a cowboy thing


Just For Me

All songs written by Cheryl Anderson apart from It’s A Cowboy Thing – written by Anderson, Brain, Caswell, Charles, Dimmock, Scott ad Thompson @caswellsongwriterworkshop.

Mixed and Mastered by Jason Millhouse, Recordworks Brisbane

Guest Musos:

Dave Francis: Acoustic guitars

Robert Mackay: Keyboards, Bass, Baritone and Electric Guitars

Backing Vocals: Garry Koehler

Pete Denahy: Fiddle

Marty Smith: Drums

Michael Flanders: Steel Guitar

Michael Durham – Electric Guitar

Brendan Radford – Harmonica





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