Totally Biased Fan Review – Daniel Thompson’s Cash LIVE – San Quentin – Latrobe Valley Performance Space – Traralgon, Victoria, 22 June 2019


Starring: Daniel Thompson, Rusty Cochrane, Brad Bergen, Roy Payne and Courtney Conway

Daniel Thompson has a big, deep voice that melts, much like Randy Travis and Adam Harvey and Joe Nichols. Like any of these guys, he could sing the phone book and we’d all be happy. Daniel has been singing Johnny Cash shows for a while now and finally I was able to see him in a full show. I have seen him guesting on other shows at Tamworth and the legendary lunchtimers in Tamworth with Mike Carr, Anthony Taylor and Luke Austen.

Daniel celebrates the album that was recorded 50 years ago, San Quentin. A year before that, the even more famous Folsom Prison album was recorded.

Daniel performs the whole album with added cool trivia and Courtney doing the “June” bits. Brad and Rusty add the background humour and Roy plays a pretty mean guitar. Courtney got the raspy bits of June’s voice down pat.

I wore my all black gear to blend into the scenery. The first half of the gig is the album, the second half is a mixture of Johnny’s hits through the years.

Johnny Cash was very much an innovator, breaking down more barriers than his older fan base indicates. He was very much a supporter for young, talented songwriters and singers who weren’t always of his genre or traditional – he worked a lot with Elvis, Bob Dylan and Kris Kristofferson and in later years, he was a huge fan of the new rebels and innovators.

Johnny did things that shocked and inspired. Wearing black, performing in prisons, speaking out for those who were underdogs, singing songs out of his comfort zone and other people’s comfort zones. Daniel performs a wonderful array of songs which reflect that.

Daniel sings a few songs that I didn’t know and they were great surprises, but mainly, the songs are those that we all know and love and can sing along to.

All the big hits are there, Ring of Fire, I Walk the Line, If I was a Carpenter, Jackson, and many more.

The boys look cool in their suits and Courtney looked stunning too. An entertaining night of great songs and stories.

It was my first gig for a while and it was a great way to re-enter the LIVE music scene.



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