Totally Biased Fan Review: Travelling Salesman – Brad Butcher

Brad Butcher Travelling Salesman

It is very hard to review an artist after the last album that he produced is one of my favourites of all time in Australian Country Music. I don’t have all the credits this time, so that makes it even harder, but I know that Matt Fell, the magic man produced it. I so loved Brad’s last album. I think that I have worn it down so that the silver of the cd is now colourless.

A hard act to follow.

And yet….

Brad is one of the nicest guys in the business. I know that I say that a lot, but he is.

Now to get down to the nitty gritty, without knowing the background. I will get the hard copy off  Brad when I see him in concert.

The album opens with the single, Nature’s Course, which has more guitars going on than most of his other works. It does have some familiar Butcher touches though.

I try not to be too analytical when I review an album, because a lot of songs are open to interpretation and my interpretations may be wrong.

I’m all in is probably my favourite of the first three tracks.

It is great to see a modern cool songwriter recognise a legend, and in  I Walk The Line Revisited, Brad obviously recognises this.

I actually thinks that this album gets better as it goes on. There are some licks and sounds that are very similar to earlier releases but there are some lyrical ventures that push the arrow towards go.

Brad Butcher has a distinctive sound and that can be  a blessing and a curse. Lyrically, this album goes off in several tangents, most of which are awesome. However, there are times when I have to think that it sounds a lot like his other songs and while I loved Brad’s other songs, you have to move on.

To be honest, I could listen to Brad sing Humpty Dumpty and I would be happy. I just think that while lyrically, (and I am a words person), he is awesome, the sound, sometimes, sounds repetitive.

As I said earlier, I think that his music is worth listening and believing in, he is still young and fresh and there is a long road ahead. Maybe a few change ups and a few studies in different avenues.

A fine voice, great messages, awesome words but some changes in instrumental direction would be great.

Favourite  song, without a doubt is Freshwater Lady.

Compared to his last album, a very tough act to follow.  I will listen to Brad Butcher sing the phone book. His sound is distinctive, his potential tremendous, but he just needs to push himself to another level. You can do it, Brad.



01 – Nature’s Course
02 – Suburban Myth
03 – I’m All In
04 – Easy Street
05 – Take It As A Sign
06 – Blood On My Hands
07 – I Walk The Line Revisited
08 – The Wayside
09 – Freshwater Lady
10 – The Unknown
11 – Travelling Salesman

Totally Totally Totally Biased Fan Review – House of Cards – The April Family


The April Family’s first album was my very special magic gift in life. I rated it number 11 in my favourite Australian Country Albums of all time. I still play it over and over. Bob Browne and I flogged it on 2GLF in Sydney.  This album has been a long time coming…not as long as it took Michael Bryers but it was getting there. I knew a few songs before I finally had the album.

I am unashamedly and amusingly known as the fourth member of the April Family, even though I can’t sing and can’t play anything other than air instruments. Together with Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes, they are the most influential bands in country music as far as I am concerned.

Michael Carpenter is a bloody genius and such an amazing producer and collaborator with so many others.  What he brings to this album and to the wonderful trio is on another level again. I am not just talking about his musicianship and his production techniques but just his touch of magic…the original X Factor, if you will.

My Tamworth Brother, Casey Atkins is the quiet achiever in this trio but the ultimate star on this album, is Kylie Whitney. She was a rising star on the last one, but this is her album. She really comes to the fore.

Every song is different, with a different brand of country and attitude on each song.

I am not sure why, but I haven’t heard Adelaide LIVE yet, and it is actually my second favourite song on the album, and only by a nose to the amazing Blue Had You.  I heard that last song just after we lost a dear friend in the country music family to The Black Dog, and it meant even more to me after losing Tom.

Adelaide is extraordinary.  Friends like These is fun.  I ain’t lonely yet is an amazing, soulful song.  When My Life is also one of my favourites. I actually drifted away on this song. What are these guys doing to me. …..they actually didn’t play all of these songs at the gigs on the weekend….oh boy.

The April Family were worried because I loved the first album so much. They worried that I wouldn’t like this one. Oh wow, it is just outrageously good. I was upset that the first one didn’t rate a mention at the Golden Guitars (despite winning several Kazzies), but if this one isn’t there then I may just commit Hari Kari. I am so in love with this album that I may never stop playing it….it is definitely Kazzie bound.

It gets off to a rousing start with One Trick Pony.  The album offers a balance of mellow, catchy, dance along, singalong, cryalong songs.

The One to Set Me Free is awesome. I have this song in my head….always a good sign.

Sorryman is the kind of song that you could hear Patty Loveless singing. It is just one of those bluesy, soft swinging country songs that you just want to mellow out to.

Poor Girl’s Blues is just one of those foot stomping, thigh slapping (Laura) songs, America, catch on to this, you would swear that it was born in the deep south.

Champagne has already been released as a single and will be a singalong song at gigs (it already has been) – even for a shocker of a singer like me. Never broke my, broke my heart….easy…

There is not a bad track on this album and as much as I adored the last album, this one is just as good, and just as easy to sing along to, and embrace.

People, please buy this, play this and love this as I do. You will not be disappointed. It is a bloody rippa!




One Trick Pony

Friends Like These

Blue Had You

The One to Set Me Free



Poor Girl’s Blues


I ain’t lonely yet

When My Life

This Road

All songs written by Michael Carpenter and Kylie Whitney

Produced by Michael Carpenter

The April Family are:

Kylie Whitney: Lead Vocals

Casey Atkins: Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals

Michael Carpenter: Drums, Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Banjo, Piano, Hammond Organ, Backing Vocals


Andrew Cavalieri: Harp on Poor Girl’s Blues

Luke Moller: Strings on Adelaide