Totally Biased Fan Review – Wild Heart – Emma Beau



Most of these tracks were penned by Emma. This album was produced by the amazing Michael Carpenter.

I have known Emma’s music for a long time, so long that her name was not even Emma Beau when I first knew her. She has supported so many amazing artists from various genres over the years. And she is still very young. As a back up fiddle player, support artist and multi faceted muso and singer, she has learned her craft with some of the greatest Aussie artists of all time.

It is finally time for her to shine. She has travelled many roads to come to this point. It is hard to believe that she has been around for so long and yet she is still so young and on the precipice of her own new adventure.

Her music is such a fusion of styles. She covers a lot of the 79 types of country music here. I guess that it is mainly a mix of alt. country, folk and country rock. Her voice is so melodious and complexed. Think a mixture of Tori Forsyth, Imogen Clark, Katie Brianna and just a touch of Kate Miller-Heidke to confuse us and delight us all. Mainly though, Emma is Emma. She has always followed her own path, an original who is not afraid to learn from others and stay true to herself at the same time.

The beauty of country music today in Australia is that most artists are not afraid to push boundaries, to test the waters and to mix genres. They can do all of this without going to the totally pop circuit that some Americans are doing. Good music is good music and this album exudes that. I only go down this path if I think that it is worth it. I have been a fan of Emma’s for a long time and I am willing to flex my country music muscles to include her into my country music world, because she is quality. She has the ability to embrace even the most hardened country music fan, because she can draw in the most sceptical of country music fans with quality music.

She can also draw some young folks and music lovers outside the country music genre by breaking down boundaries and  making her music not totally twang.

I am a sixties Aquarian child, so of course I am attracted to the folk side, the addition of one of the only unoriginal tracks here with House of The Rising Sun which is actually older than the 60’s, we just relate to it there because of Bob. I actually think that this is Emma’s forte. I would be directing her in this style if I was in charge, it is her strength.

Her vocal gymnastics are a trip. The musicianship of this album is polished and worth the price of admission.

She would fit in very well to the Alt. Country Music scene in Melbourne, should she ever decide to head south.

Emma is in good hands, she is not afraid to try new things, different things. You should feel the same way.

This is a long awaited album. Bravo to all who contributed to getting this album up and running.

I am sure that Jon English is looking down on earth and cheering. Go Emma.


Track Listing

Wild Heart
Leading Me Astray
Guilty Gun
Dark Eyes
Lost in You
Down to the River
House of the Rising Sun
Waitin’ on the Time