Totally Biased Fan Review: Kelly Brouhaha – Kelly Brouhaha


My friend, Bruber, has been a long time fan. He has brainwashed me in the nicest way. After hearing her on the Beccy Cole tour, I get it. After hearing this album, I get it more. He has even said to me that touring extensively with Beccy and Libby and co, she has really come of age.

I really don’t know if we have anyone similar in Australia, I am pretty sure that we don’t. She has similar elements of other artists from overseas, and maybe a touch of Renee Geyer, but basically, she is a one off.

If you like your blues and your country blues, then this is the album for you. She has stepped into the spotlight from the back stage and Kelly is firing up.

The songs have meaning, they have depth. There are familiar undertones but mainly, they are songs from a woman who knows who she is, struts her stuff comfortably and belts out the songs.

In a close tunnel genre in Australia, Kelly is Queen. She is a no-nonsense, firebrand.

Listen and learn.



40,000 Star Hotel (E) – Female Bryan Ferry crossed with John Williamson. So many stars in the sky, one very big one here.

Benjamin:  You will go around going woo hoo, woo hoo….this has that sound of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk. It is deeper than that though.

Don’t Have to write it down – This song is so very close to my heart. When you listen to it and if you know me and my life, you will understand. I am sure that others will feel the same. Beautiful.

Cassidy’s Blues – The blues at it’s most honest.

River – Mix Carole King and Janis Joplin together and you get this. How dreamy.

Open Road – What’s a country album without a road song? When all is said and done, just get out there and get rid of all the shite.

I’m Gonna Miss Ya – On first run, this was one of my favourite songs on the album, before my Ma passed away, now that she has, it means more. A beautiful, very close to home song.

Keep it to myself – Renee Geyer brushed wings with Joan Armatrading. How special. Great song.

If I’m Not Here in the morning – My favourite song on the album. If I could sing, this would be the song that I would sing.

All I want – A bluesy, then a change-up song. Oh Oh Oh song that will keep you grooving




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