Totally Biased Fan Review: The Hurt Party – Dom Italiano


As a kid growing up in Tamworth, I would have never thought that I would be reviewing artists called Dom Italiano and Kelly Brouhaha….those were the days of Williams, Williamson, Dusty and various other Slims, Newton, Lindsay and Morton. Times have changed and the quality of the music and the lyrics has upped a bit as well, not that those days didn’t have some classics that we will treasure forever.

‘Pseudo Folky-Country-Poppy-Rock for those who were never cool in school.’ That’s what you get from Dom Italiano’ so it says on triple j unearthed website.

When you get The Weeping Willows, Gretta Ziller and Mitch Power contributing to your cause and Gretta, Lucky Oceans, Luke Moller and John Bedggood playing on your album as well as Damian Cafarella producing the album and a heavy influence of Damian’s colleague at The Wildes, Lachlan Bryan, himself on there, you know that you have a quality product.

I read the lyrics to the songs before I played them….and I knew. Chiefly, I am a slave to words. They hit me before a melody does.

Some of these songs will just mellow you out, most of them will make you think. others will get into your head…A Step Behind is one of those songs that I can’t switch off in my head.

There are some beauties on here, the duet with Gretta Ziller, The Arsonist, the first track, I Never Think About You; the last song: I Try, Ashes of Desire, well all of them really. I knew that I was going to like Who’m I Gonna Dance With Now? from the title. It is a typical Kaz song.

This is a surprise packet. It hit me from out of the blue and it is just spot on. It is beautifully produced by the master, D Caf, (Kazzie Award Winner – multiple, really) and fabulously delivered by Dom. He has a wonderful, haunting voice, and every song is different. Lyrically, this is one of the finest albums that I have reviewed this year. The words are just amazing.

Admirably, they have chosen an ideal first and last track, one that sets up the album and one that rounds it all off.

If you are not afraid of trying something that isn’t a big name release, you will be well rewarded by choosing this album. It is beautifully executed, delivered and you will want to play it again and again.





I never think about you

Secret (Feet of Clay)

A Step Behind

Walking in the Night

The Arsonist

A Year From Now

The Ashes of Desire

Who’m I gonna dance with now?

Get out of the way

I try


Produced by Damian Cafarella

Recorded and Mixed by Damian Cafarella at End of the Road Studios

Mastered by Adam Dempsey at Deluxe Mastering


Dom Italiano – Music, Lyrics, Vocals and guitars

Damian Cafarella – Guitars, bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Lap Steel, Keys, Drums, Vocals, Percussion and Programming

Gretta Ziller – Vocals on The Arsonist

Rosie ConPorto – Vocals on Get Out of The Way

Matt Bradshwaw – Vocals on I Never Think About You, Secret (Feet of Clay), Walking in the Night and Ashes of desire.

Lucky Oceans – Pedal Steel on The Arsonist and Who’m I Gonna Dance With Now?

John Bedggood – Fiddle on Get Out of the Way and A Year From Now

Luke Moller – Fiddle on A Step Behind and Octave Fiddle on A Year From Now

Andy Pobjoy – Accordion on A year from now.



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