Totally Biased Fan Review: Country Lovin’ – Feel The Breeze


These gals have great harmonies. It is the key point of their style. Cec is possibly the lead of the two, but Paige knows her mark. She steadies the ship, she’s the technician. Her contribution vocally, is measured, instrumentally, it is major. They are Ying and Yang….or whatever that saying is.

This album (EEP) is a mixture of classics, (Ring of Fire, California Dreaming, Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad) and their own beautiful songs.

Their single, their own song, Feel the Breeze and the title track of this EEP, is doing very well on the country charts, and so it should. It is a beautiful, haunting track.

I love the opening track, Share with you  by G Starr and their other original, Come to Me.  Their special treatment of California Dreaming was always going to win me, as I am a huge Mamas and Papas fan and an even bigger fan of Mama Cass who would have loved this album.

I have to admit, though that Steal My Kisses by Ben Harper is probably my favourite. I really love this.

June Carter and Tammy Wynette are huge legends in country music. They would have been very proud of these versions of their songs.

This is a wonderful EEP (Extended, extended play). I have enjoyed every minute.



Share With You – G Starr

Ring of Fire – June Carter and Merle Kilgore

Feel the Breeze – C Peterson and Paige Peterson

California Dreaming – J Phillips/M Phillips

Steal My Kisses – Ben Harper

Come to Me – C Peterson and P Peterson

Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad – B Sherritt/ G Sutton

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at the Footloose Studios, Lemon Tree Passage, NSW

Engineer – Ken Foote