Totally Biased Fan Reviews: Trucker Caps and Heart Attacks – Mat Black

Mat Black album.png

This album was produced by two of my fave people, Lachlan Bryan and Damian Cafarella. It shows, but mainly, the surprising and fabulous bluesy, country flavour of Mat’s singing and playing is just as important, or more so.

I have to be honest. After moving to Victoria, pretty much exactly two years ago, I have had my faith in this Alt. Country Music industry confirmed a thousand fold. One of the main reasons that I moved here was because I loved the artists down here so much and I was determined to help them in my small way.

I am continually being wowed by musicians down here, not only in a musical fashion but in a personal one. They are totally embracing and overwhelming. I wouldn’t have got through a lot in the last few years without them.

I have seen Mat perform about 4 times now, and sadly missed his big launch of this album yesterday because I had already booked for an outstanding gig elsewhere in Melbourne which was on at the same time!

However, my support for Mat is firm and forthright. I really like  the diversity of his songs, his strong, vibrant vocals and the bluesy, sometimes 50’s and 60’s touch to his songs and of course, the aforementioned slick production from my two fave Wildes.

Ironically, at the gig yesterday, I sat next to Lachlan’s parents, who, like me, would have liked to have been at two places at the same time.

This album is so merlot and late Saturday nights or Irish Coffee and Sunday Arvos.

Being a train gal, and a Tamworth gal, I had to love Railman’s son, which I have heard Mat sing before.  How can you have a country album without a train song?

I have also heard Mat sing Three Holes, which will be a crowd favourite. They will love singing along to this one.

Lost is a favourite as well. Love the bluesy sound.  I am a big legged woman, so this Rockabilly song is okay with me….though I am not sure that Mat is referring to my stumpy legs, probably more the long legged type! I do like the raunchy guitars and Elvis touches.

Same old Song is just awesome.

This album is a delight. Full of bluesy, soulful tracks and a really lovely surprise.

Mat is a beaut bloke, one of many that I have met down here in Victoria and a great talent. I hope that the rest of Australia gets to appreciate his wonderful songs.

Last year was the year of the Ben. From all that I have witnessed this year, so far, it is the year of the Mat, Matt, Matthew.

Awesome stuff.




These City Lights

Diamond Mine

Three Holes

(Too Old to Be) The Wandering Kind

Pockets full of dust

Railman’s Son

I can’t get you off my Mind


Big Leg woman

same Old Song


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