The Single Life


Hey folks, Sorry, I have been busy reviewing albums, going to gigs and my normal work. I have a bit of catching up to do. For those who don’t know, this is not a country music dating post or a post about my love life this is about single releases, as has been pointed out to me that not everybody can afford to put out albums and E.Ps and EEPs. Also, many put out singles and then put an album together later. Singles are a bit like a teaser, I guess.

Two folks who do not need an introduction in Australian Country Music have been touring together and have released a single. A match made in heaven, me thinks….I am of course talking about Luke O’Shea and Lyn Bowtell with Sing Me A Story. Also, another great pairing, Sir Allan Caswell and D.Caf, with a bluegrass number which is refreshing and a little unique, called Bad Politics. Top little number that. I am not sure if it will be on Sir Allan’s next album or if it will just be a single. One of my favourite songwriters, Matt Scullion has released a very Australian song which explains our special language, called Slanguage. It is very clever.

Leonie played a very interesting single the other day called Mamma by Kerryn Fields. The Kiwi who lives in Melbourne now has a familiar voice, a rich folky kind of sound. Mamma is a rippa of a song.

Talking about great duets, Andrew Swift and Gretta Ziller finally released a single a few weeks ago called Second Hand. Wonderful song.

Emma Jene released a new album yesterday but she recently released Feel So Good, which is the first single off the album. She is going from strength to strength.

Aly Cook also released an album this week but her single Red Dirt Road Trip has been released too. A very Aussie song from this forever visiting Kiwi.

Hayley Marsten released a new album recently, but the smash single, Red Wine, White Dress is just as fine.

There are some fine songs being released. Please let us know if you are releasing a new song….and I will post it and get it out there!


Totally Biased Fan Review: Trisha Yearwood – Every Girl

Trisha Yearwood Every Girl.jpg

I recently read where Trisha had thought of never recording another album. What a tragedy that would have been. Anyone who knows me and my love of music, would know that I have been a massive fan of Trisha Yearwood from the beginning. I know that I have a lot of favourites, but Trisha has always been in my top 3 American women country music singers. In recent years, she has concentrated on other areas, with successful careers as a tv cook and writer of cookbooks as well as other media activities. Of course, she has taken time out with husband, Garth Brooks as well.

Trisha had nothing else to prove, she had done it all in country music, but she has a gift that keeps on giving. From the very first track on here, which is a common theme in 2019 – Whiskey drinkers are big in country music – she announces herself back to country music. That big, haunting voice that sends chills down your spine.

She mixes it up here with some signature power country ballads and some more up tempo tracks. There are some gems here and she sings with some of country’s other finest as well.

Of course, being a ballad gal, I tend to lean toward those ones, but it is a great balance. I have always found a connection with Garth and Trisha for reasons other than just country music. Garth is one year older than me and Trisha is a year younger. I am in a country music sandwich, but it is a nice place to be. It means that I can relate more to their songs, their words and where they are coming from.

The duets involve Kelly Clarkson, Garth Brooks, Patty Loveless and Don Henley….not too shabby, hey?  The song with Garth is somewhat quirky and a song that would be difficult to sing for us mere humans, as there are some vocal gymnastics here. It is a very catchy song. Trisha and Garth have been singing duets together for years. It seems even more apt now.

There are very few singers that could tackle some of these songs – it is not just about having a strong voice, it is being able to get your tongue around the phrases and rhythm changes. Trisha has always been a musician at that and at 55, the voice and the cleverness of her delivery has not changed.

When Lonely Calls is made for Trisha. Jeffrey Steele wrote this beautiful song that Trisha belts out from the rooftops.  There are some great writers on here, Gretchen Peters, Karla Bonoff being the most famous, but also a variety of not so well known ones whose songs totally fit Trisha.

Peters’ The Matador has incredible musical arrangements….to complement Trisha’s vocalisation.

I’ll Carry You Home is stunning, Trisha at her absolute finest. This could easily be sung in church. It is heartbreakingly beautiful.

Unlike many of my other favourites, Trisha is not a songwriter, as such. She doesn’t do many covers but she does have many folks lining up to sing their untouched originals. With a voice like Trisha’s, you don’t need to write!

Drink up is another fun song – not a traditional drinking song, but it is a clap along, sing along song with a very catchy tune.

It is a given that I would love the song with Patty, as she is one of my all time faves too. To have them both singing together, well that is just the cream rising to the top. It is the kind of song that you would expect them to sing together. They have a similar approach to songs and they harmonise so beautifully.

Trisha displays all of her talents on here – funky, bluesy, pure country, big, big, country ballads, quirky ditties and some country pop (to a point!). She is soulful and she changes the mood constantly. There are sad songs and happy songs and ones in between. When you hear a Trisha song, you know who is singing it. She has one of the most powerful voices in music – any genre.

The album finishes with the Don Henley duet, Love you anyway. As you would expect, these two voices together are simply magic. The song is sad and moving and piano driven.

I am so glad that Trisha decided to record another album, and she has just started another tour. It would be lovely to see her and Garth here in Australia together…..or separately….just get on a plane, you two!  This is a stunning album. An absolute gem.

Fourteen tracks is very generous. Please don’t make it your last album.




1. Workin’ On Whiskey
2. Find A Way
3. Home
4. Every Girl In This Town
5. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (Featuring Kelly Clarkson)
6. What Gave Me Away (Featuring Garth Brooks)
7. Something Kinda Like It
8. When Lonely Calls
9. Matador
10. I’ll Carry You Home
11. Drink Up
12. Bible and A .44 with Patty Loveless
13. Can’t Take Back Goodbye
14. Love You Anyway (Featuring Don Henley)

“Workin’ on Whiskey”
Dave ThomsonJessica MitchellPatricia Conroy
“Find a Way”
Lucie SilvasJulian Emery
Karla Bonoff
“Every Girl in This Town”
Erik DylanConnie HarringtonCaitlyn Smith
“Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” (featuring Kelly Clarkson)
Gordie SampsonSilvasTroy Verges
“What Gave Me Away” (featuring Garth Brooks)
Blair DalySilvasVerges
“Something Kinda Like It”
Adam WrightShannon Wright
“When Lonely Calls”
Jeffrey Steele
“The Matador”
Gretchen Peters
“I’ll Carry You Home”
“Drink Up”
Hillary LindseySampsonVerges
“Bible and a .44” (featuring Patty Loveless)
Terri Jo BoxAshley McBrydePatrick Savage
“Can’t Take Back Goodbye”
“Love You Anyway” (featuring Don Henley)
Mike Reid


Produced by Garth Fundis.