Please help – this is not about me or Donna, this is about helping Felicity and her girls and raising awareness.

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Hi folks, in its infinite wisdom, Facebook has taken down every post that we have shared of our campaign to help Felicity and her children. Thank you for posting your pics to our personal message banks. Donna Marie will donate $2 for every pic of you ‘singing the phone book’ and I will donate $1. Every cent of this will go to Felicity and her girls to help them out and to raise awareness for their very tough loss. We have already raised a fair bit of tosh and we hope to raise much more by the time Tamworth comes and at Tamworth itself. I have already a box with a fair bit of coin in it. Others have donated as well. I am not sure why Facebook has deleted our pictures, but the charity event goes on…or more aptly, we are helping out a mate. You just need to send us a pic of you and a phone book. Thanks to Gina Timms, Leonie McClure and others who want to do more at  Tamworth. Whatever, Facebook omits, we will submit. This is not about us two fans, this is about helping someone who we care about.  Please help

It is now not just female artists, but all artists and fans who want to help too.

The original idea came from Lachlan Bryan who suggested to me that even the best female vocalist may not be able to sing the  phone book beautifully. So here we are, doing something fun for someone who deserves it.

Let us help Fliss and the girls out.



Countryversial Corner Episode 1


Figured that a picture of duelling banjos would be a good way to start the first installment of Countryversial Corner.

This new blog regular will feature things in country music (particularly Australian) that are controversial. Things that cheese you off, as the old Hey Hey It’s Saturday show used to do.

79 different types of Country Music vs Country and Western

Why is Mildura Country Music Festival finishing?

The problems/good things about Tamworth Country Music Festival and Deni Ute Muster

Qld vs South Australia vs NSW vs Victoria Country Music Scene.

Downloads vs hard copy

Ageist angles

Women vs Men in Country Music.

Exposure vs payment

Crazy fans writing blogs about her favourite artists

You name it and I will explore it. I welcome your input, whether you are a fan or a muso. Bring it on. Suggest it, Tell me your opinions and I will share them.

Love Kaz.



Best Of My Faves – Episode One – Allan Caswell


This will be a regular feature on this blog, Cowgirl Up. I am going to pick 20/21 songs which have been written (and/or) co-written by a singer/songwriter and/or some others. It is actually very hard to get it down to 20 or 21. They will be my favourites by the artist. I am not going to add ones that they wrote for other people, I would be here all day for some artists, including our first guest, Allan Caswell, who has written or co-written for just about every country artist in Australia and New Zealand. I have mentioned some of his co-writers here on his own songs, but not all of them. I hope that you enjoy. My choices are my choices, but it was hard! In no particular order, these are my fave Caswell written for Caswell songs.

AllanatTamworthyoung.jpg Allanyoung Allanmidyears.jpg

That’s Why Lonely People Drink – With Jen Mize (Mexico)

The Roses Fall – With The Weeping Willows (Mexico)

Knowing That You’re There (Mexico)

It’s not over, till it’s over (My Version of the Truth)

One Last Muster (My Version of the Truth)

Shelly’s Song (My Version of the Truth)

Until the Hurtin’ Starts (My Version of the Truth)

Train to Godforsaken  (single)

Hero Just The Same (50 Years in Oz)

His Old Piano (50 Years in Oz)

Golden Days (With the Weeping Willows) 50 Years in Oz

Back When We Had Nothing (50 Years in Oz)

Stolen Roses  (Rules for Love) ****

How Beautiful You Are (Rules for Love)

Lonely Hearts Waltz (Rules For Love)

Want that Back Again (with Michael Carpenter and Felicity) from Carpenter/Caswell

High Hopes from Carpenter/Caswell

Sorry If I’m Dancing Too Close – (Behind Bars)

When We Were Young and Stupid (Sometimes when you lose you win)

Kick The Bucket (It’s a Country Song)

The Next Thing That You hear (It’s A Country Song)

**** Stolen Roses is my favourite Allan Caswell song. He co-wrote this song with Drew McAllister and Geoff Robertson.  Yes I have left out a lot of songs…the man is a legend, Sir Allan, we salute you and all that you have done for Australian Country Music. The songs that I have mentioned here are ones that you have written or co-written for your own albums. There are many others, which you have seen me mouthing at concerts….but I had to limit it to 21.  Thank you for all the other songs that you have written for others and co-written with others for their albums. A lot of these songs were never released as singles, they are just my favourite songs.

Who will it be next time?