Totally Biased Fan Review: Swamp Blues 2 – 8 Ball Aitken


I own every 8 album. This is an unusual enterprise…..Swamp Blues 2. I am a huge fan of the original.

You never really know what to expect from 8. That is part of the attraction, and the distraction. 8 covers many of the 79 types of country music, but he never keeps surprising. It is bluesy, Cajun, and bluesy. He covers many facets of country music and always enriches old fans and excites new ones. His approach is unique, both in live performances and on the record.

He is  a mystery man, a history man, and a blues man. Down in the swamp, up in Murder’s Row, 8 Ball is a man between two countries, two planets, two worlds, but he  keeps returning to his roots like a boomerang.

Soulful, mercurial and rockin’ it country style, 8 is unique, one of a kind and deliberately off the cuff.

He is the envy of others in the way he plays the guitar, struts his stuff on stage and he is an original. There are very few others who get onto a Tamworth stage and smack bang folks in the face with his own uncommercial style.

8 has a cult following, which is spreading quickly to other areas of music. Folks are scratching their heads and thinking…OMG, why didn’t they know about this guy?

Interestingly, 8 has reprised his old song, Chocolate, Jack Daniels and LSD on this album

My Darling is my favourite, but I also love Living On the River, the rockin’ Cherry and The Bed That You Made – (which does not surprise me as it is a co-write with one of my fave songwriters, Harmony James).

I am rocking, rolling, down in the swamp and feeling the blues. 8 does all these things to you and does them well. Go well, go hard and enjoy one or several of the 79 kinds of country music. Go get ’em 8.


Tremolo Rain

Week Man

Murder’s Bar


My Sexy Guitar

Living on the river

Knocking on your door

The Bed that You Made

My Darling


Chocolate, Jack Daniels and LSD


Cold Shower

Produced by 8 Ball Aitken and David Percefull

Recorded and Mixed by David Percefull at Yellow Dog Studios

Mastereed by Adam J. Odor at Yellow Dog Studios


8 Ball Aitken – Guitars and Vocals

Guthrie Kennard – Backing Vocals

J Meridian – Backing Vocals

David Percefull – Hammond Organ

Glenn Gukunaga – Bass

JJ Johnson – Drums and Percussion

Buddy Leach – Saxophone and Rhodes

Mojo Webb – Harmonica


All songs written by 8 Ball Aitken except for Tremola Rain and Living on the River (Written by 8 Ball Aitken and Guthrie Kennard), and the Bed that you made (written by 8 Ball Aitken and Harmony James)



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