Totally Biased Fan Review: Walk Away – Karin Page

Karin Page Walk Away.png

This is Karin Page’s official debut album. The Western Australian who seemed to come out of nowhere to win the 2016 Toyota Starmaker award, has finally released an album which begins with a duet “Box” which is somewhat out of the box….not quite what most of us expected. It is good to start an album off with a surprise and indeed it is a surprise. The rest of the album is what you might expect from Karin, not to say that it is tedious or predictable or that the first track is any less significant. It is just the type of music that we would have hoped for.

This album has been a long time coming. While Karin hasn’t exactly been hiding under a bush, recording wise, we haven’t experienced as much as we probably expected. She has been busily writing a fine collection of songs, with my favourite being Time Travelling Gypsy. Anybody who knows my obsession with 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s music will understand why.

Loving Man, which features Hussy Hicks and Ash Grunwald (who also features on Box) is a soulful, catchy song.

Most of the songs are at a nice easy tempo similar to that of Carole KingĀ  in a folky way or some hints of Motown. and some gentle ballads. It is a fast paced album with sweet slow songs bookended by two punchy tracks.

Shame has a nice sway to its rhythm, and reminds me of that 60’s female singer stuff (often featured in nostalgic shows and movies like China Beach and The Sapphires. Kings and Queens is a gentle love song that I imagine will be a wedding song favourite soon.

Under My Skin is a bit of a change of pace and not the positive song that the previous one….maybe this one can be for the divorce party.

Lonely Night is the kind of song that would go to number one. It will appeal to many radio stations and it will be a favourite amongst the women who listen to this album.

The title track is very timely, with the current climate focussed on women speaking out and standing up. In many ways, probably the most country sounding song on the album.

Having said that, Jessie would be very close to that as well. By country, I mean what is perceived to be “country”.

I think that this album is very carefully put together. It will appeal to a broad audience, those who don’t particularly listen to country music may be converted or at least realise that there is more to country music than torch and twang…..not that there is anything wrong with that.

A stellar performance by a lady who can sing.



1. Box (2:57) (with Ash Grunwald)
2. Shame (3:05)
3. Kings And Queens (2:56)
4. Under My Skin (3:06)
5. Lonely Night (3:14)
6. Walk Away (2:51)
7. Take Me Down (3:52)
8. Jessie (3:33)
9. Time Travelling Gypsy (3:39)
10. Loving Man (2:50) (with Hussy Hicks and Ash Grunwald)