Special ANZAC Day Country Music Event


ANZAC Day Rosemary

Lest We Forget


I am a 60’s Aquarian child and I am in to peace and love and not war. However, we would not have these things if not for the brave soldiers, nurses, doctors and all of those who served in all of the wars, to protect us, to give us the freedoms that we have today and the sacrifices that they made are immeasurable. I think that it was Aristotle who said that as long as there are men, there will be wars. Without other men, there would not be peace. Thank you to all of those who fight for our freedom and for those who gave everything to give us something. A special thanks to my uncles, great uncles and to my beautiful, brave and amazing pseudo nephew, Elliott Cook. Thanks also to my cousin, Jake, who served in the RAAF and my cousin in law, Brian for his service in the navy.

Lest we forget.

Mini Gigs – Episode 81 – What is better than one Andy? Three, of course! – Andy Nelson, Andy Golledge, Andy Penkow

These 3 Andys are very new to me. I have only known about these fellas for a matter of months, but they are fast finding a way to my regular spins list and I look forward to what I expect to be big futures for them. Beautiful voices, beautiful songs. Listen and enjoy.

Mini Gigs – Episode 80 – Troy C-D

People have wondered what order and why I am doing these mini gigs this way. Troy at no. 80? Surely, he deserves a ‘top 10’. It is not about that. It is about all Aussie country music artists, no matter how small, big or in between. Do we know them, do we worship them, do we not know them at all….it doesn’t matter. I have had two of my most beautiful moments in life, let alone country music with TCD. I basically stood beside him when Obama was installed to the U.S. presidency. I talked trains and country music with him at Rooty Hill RSL. Mostly, I love his music, I love what he stands for. Troy is one of the legends of Australian Country Music. I have actually added a few more songs than I should here. Doesn’t matter. I love Troy, and I am not apologising.

Mini Gigs – Episode 79 – Queen D and Queen Ev.



I love these two ladies. I am a Tamworth girl and these two ladies are and always will be a big part of Tamworth. Ev lives in Bundy, which is very special to me, because my dear Grandmother and mentor, Florence Kathleen Sarah Hort was from there. Ev is a legend in Australia country music and she is one of my fave people in country music. Such an awesome woman. Queen D, whose name is spelled more ways than mine, lives just down the road from me now, but she was one of my first “thank God” moment growing up in Tamworth. When Queen D, Allan Caswell, James Blundell, Anne Kirkpatrick and Keith Urban started winning awards in Tamworth and being recognised for the fab folks that they are, I thought, we have hope of moving forward. She is just the bees knees and to quote herself, I love her guts.


Mini Gigs – Episode 78 – An absolute bloody legend – James Blundell


James Blundell is without a doubt, the guy who turned things around in Australian Country Music. For a long while, when I was growing up in Tamworth, it was often the same old ones who won every year, who played every year. Folks like Allan Caswell and Queen D turned it around, but this guy set it on fire. My Dad, who is so traditional, requested This Road for his birthday, I indulged him, of course, and we listened to that cassette til it wore out. I bought him the dvd not long ago of James’ greatest hits and my pseudo nephew, Elliott, drove him in the cavalcade a while back. I was there at the GGs when James received the greatest honour. It was one of my proudest moments. Thank you, James, for all that you have done. I hope that this is a little gift for you.


Mini Gigs – Episode 77 – James Stewart Keene and Liam Kennedy-Clark

James is a multi-talented musician, singer/songwriter, and he’s also making waves in the film industry. I call him the Dean Martin of country music because he always has a glass in his hand, a song in his heart and a smile on his face. Liam is from that country from across the ditch, but I am claiming him as ours because he is so good and we want to keep him. At Tamworth, he can be seen playing musical chairs with all of the top artists, but he has a big voice of his own and his recent album was one of the best that I have heard for a long while.



Mini Gigs – Episode 76 – Megan Cooper and Jess Holland

Megan Cooper and Jess Holland are not big names in big lights. Even in our own country music industry in Australia, these talented girls are only known to a few. Of course, those of us who know these girls and their wonderful music have excellent taste. These two women have great voices, write fabulous music and they deserve to be heard. Have a listen and then you will know what I am going on about.

Mini Gigs – Episode 75 – An extra special one – Two Fab people who are no longer with us, but they are in our hearts – Audrey Auld and Karl Broadie


We lost these two beautiful people way too soon. Audrey Auld Mezara and Karl Broadie. They both sang songs with heart and soul and a bit of humour sometimes. Karl would relax you, Audrey would make you smile. I only meant Audrey briefly but knew her music and went to her gigs for a long time and we kept in touch in her last months. I knew Karl for longer and better and went to most of his memorial services and to the one where we raised funds for his family when there was still hope. I met him three times face to face, once which was the most important, when Aleyce Simmonds re-introduced me to him not long after I had reviewed one of his albums. He thanked me like I had given him a million dollars. I thanked him for his music. It was the least that I could do. We can’t see them LIVE anymore, but we can listen to them still, such is the beauty of music.


Mini Gigs – Episode 74 – Paul Costa and John Stephan

This is for my Aunty Diana. She introduced me to Paul’s music and the rest is history. I have even danced with Paul on a boat on the Sydney Harbour. I am sure that his feet never forgave me. I mainly played air guitar! John is a favourite of Aunty Diana’s, and he can sing pretty good too!  Two great guys, two great voices.

Mini Gigs – Episode 73 – Drew and Seleen

These two McAlisters, rumour has it, are distantly related through Seleen’s hubby. Whether or not they are, they have collaborated a few times now and they are two very talented Big Macs of Australian Country Music. They are also two of the nicest. I come up to about Drew’s knee cap!  Love these two, enjoy their wonderful songs.