Totally biased fan review: One Girl Band: 25 years album – Vanessa Delaine (EEP)

Vanessa Delaine


Multi-award winning singer/songwriter Vanessa Delaine celebrates 25 years since recording ‘One Girl Band’ Album and shares her Country Roots with us. ‘One Girl Band – 25 Years’ includes; 3 previously unreleased songs and much loved toe-tapping songs like ‘How Can He Love You’ and ‘One Girl Band’. Recorded in 1995 and remastered in 2020 by Glenn Langford in Sydney, Australia.

There is an interesting background story to this album, which I fished for, because not a lot of info is available on it. Vanessa very kindly provided me with some information. All of the music was on a DAT tape, recorded back in 1995 and earlier. It was never officially released, it was only given to friends and family but did win some awards, nevertheless.

The songs were extracted from the tape and remastered so beautifully and purely by Glenn in 2020. Vanessa’s style is similar to Sharon Heaslip, perfectly natural and unpretentious.

The sound is crystal clear and pretty amazing, given the history of the recordings and the fact that Glenn did a lot of the work on it. A truly remarkable effort.

An EEP is more songs than 4 and less than 10, for those who don’t know my classifications!

The songs are varied, covering probably 5 or 6 of the 79 types of Country Music. The songs are easy to listen to and are given an extra layer because of the remastering and history. None of the songs sound old or dated, they sound just as fresh and relevant as they would have back then.


  1. 1

    0:00 / 3:08

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    0:00 / 3:34

  3. 3

    0:00 / 3:27

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    0:00 / 3:28

  5. 5

    0:00 / 3:49

  6. 6

    0:00 / 2:51

  7. 7

    0:00 / 3:21

  8. 8
    Alone 1:57

    0:00 / 1:57

  9. 9
    Recorded and mixed in Sydney in 1995 at Beatzart Music Studios

    All music played by Glenn Langford  Backing Vocals by Glenn Langford, Vanessa and Wendy Ford. All songs written by Vanessa. Remastered by Glenn in 2020

The Single Life – 28 June 2020


First up is Innocent Eve’s Mixed Bag. It is a sweet song in more ways than one. In this current climate, it is an apt song. “Throw the sticks and stones away” …….it probably should be an anthem. It has a “Little Egypt” feel to it with one of the best riffs of 2020….to rival Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes’ song. It will also make those with a sweet tooth very hungry and nostalgic. Reminiscent of the Melting Pot song but with a 2020 twist. Great job, gals.

Swifty (Andrew Swift) has come up with a beauty in a double dose couple of weeks after his release with Gayle O’Neil (see previous post). Never Meant to Break Your Heart. I have seen and heard Andrew play this live and I feel like I  have heard both sides of the story. It is a rippa of a song and a story.  Good one, Swifty.

Emma Dykes has released This Nurse off the wonderful album, The Riddle of Life. It is another song that is apt for the times. Some of the best true to life lines that I have heard for a while. I know a lot of nurses……and I am related to a lot. I get it. What would we do without nurses, especially in these times. If you love Fanny Lumsden, you will love Emma, great sound (see my previous album review).



Totally Biased Fan Review : Katie Brooke – self titled EEP


I recently heard Katie saying that she loved the 90’s American Country Music sound. I do too, and it was what I heard in her songs which she has co-written with a couple of noted writers.

She may have a young Shania look, but her sound is very similar to Pam Tillis and Patty Loveless and she captures the sensitivity and power of  Trisha Yearwood and Reba. I did hear her in Tamworth a couple of times, but only here and there. Tamworth is such a rush sometimes that you just gather bits and pieces. It is like a smorgasbord which offers you a lot but you have to wait til later to go back and taste some more.

I think that these songs – which are in no way pop, they are country, reflect that 90’s sound with a fresh coat of paint.

Her sound has the right balance of torch and twang and polish. Well produced, with a sound that smells like longevity, and I think that we will be talking about Katie for a long time.

Bravo. A great springboard for a bright future.

By the way, an EEP is more than 4 and less than 10 tracks!


This Road is Mine

Dreamers Tired Mind

Home Town Song

Sweet Time

Start Again

The Single Life 21st June 2020


It is a mad rush of singles at the moment. They are all very different and from a diverse age range and from all over the country.

First up is Jemma Nicole’s “Ride or Die” which is a rollicking, rocking number and bound to get you up on your feet. Ben Ransom has released another single off his forthcoming album….Coming down in Spades –  it is a country rocking, toe tapper and extremely catchy.  The Truth is the long awaited new music from 13 year old Rory Phillips. Listen to the words folks, you may learn something from this young fella.

There’s lots more to come soon, I have pre-ordered a few new ones coming up. Listen out for new tracks coming from our old favourites and some talented young ones who are releasing their first music.

Please support our Aussie artists, especially at this time.


Totally Biased Fan Review – Holding Back The Levee – Mitch Dean


I always listen very closely to four people who recommend artists to me: Andrew Wrigglesworth (The Weeping Willows) and James Church (Montgomery Church), Lachlan Bryan and Damian Cafarella.  Two of the four mentioned this young fella to me. I had already pre-ordered the album, but I had mentioned how much I liked the single and Mitch contacted me.

With four great judges I never get a bum deal.

This is Mitch’s debut album. He is Melbourne based, which should not come as a surprise. The best alt. country in the land comes from these parts. And yes, that is a totally biased opinion. There are exceptions, of course, especially when I mention that Shane Nicholson and Brad Butcher could be related to Mitch….style and sound wise.  There aren’t many bigger compliments that I could pay an artist than that in our music industry.

You only have to look at the credits and see who Mitch is playing with here to realise that he must be well respected and considered noteworthy.

The band is tight, the sound is great, as you would expect from this group of musicians. I have only read a couple of reviews and they only rate this album as average, which I find extraordinary, as I find it extraordinary for a first album.

This is an album to mellow out to. Some of it is more up tempo than others, but more music to drive to than to dance to, but mainly it is just relaxing, sometimes toe-tapping, other times food for thought and easy to enjoy.

Some of it reminds me of that Californian sound…..The Eagles, etc. especially in a song like What Can Go Wrong and The Only Two (which is probably my favourite on the album). Broken Wing is an interesting song, The album also has a bit of a latter day Beatles feel. In other words, it is good music.

Far above my head is a great way to end the album, which gives all the images of flight and height through key changes and vocal and instrumental arrangements. It is a bit Paul McCartneyesque as well……a definite highlight on the album.

I am looking forward to hearing and seeing more of Mitch Dean but in the meantime, I will enjoy just listening to this one.

Track listing: 1. A Face In A Long Line, 2. His Father’s Gun, 3. Broken Wing, 4. In The Stream, 5. Let It Fall, 6. Holding Back The Levee, 7. Please Don’t Wake Me, 8. What Can Go Wrong, 9. The Only Two, 10. Far Above My Head

Mitch Dean – acoustic guitar, harp, lead vocal
Damian Cafarella (Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes, Legend) – drums and electric guitar
James Gillard (The Flood, Mental As Anything, Back up vocalist for Australia, Legend) – bass and backing vocals
Sam See (Sherbert, John Farnham) – piano and organ
Kevin Bennett – vocal on ‘Holding Back The Levee’ (Legend)

The Single Life – 16 June 2020


Gayle O’Neil is bound for collaboration of the year with this wonderful new single, Drive Him Crazy featuring Andrew Swift. What a duo! Batman and Robin eat your heart out. It is produced by Michael Carpenter, to make it a trifecta. What a wonderful song! Can’t wait to have a shower in the morning so I can sing it loudly. Looking forward to seeing Gayle glam up with Swifty on the red carpet and The Roadie swivelling his new hips.

No pretenses, I am an Ian Burns’ fan, on and off the record. He is one of my fave people in the universe and I love all of his songs….so no surprises. He made the amazing choice of releasing a single that is not on his current amazing album, called Think Again, which I think is one of his best songs ever. I love it when artists do this. It is courageous, refreshing and what more should do.

I have not made any secrets of the fact that I love Ben Mastwyk. To me he is the quintessential cowboy with a fresh twist. His new song is Devil So Close. I so love Ben’s music. I can’t wait for his new album. Please give him a listen. He is the real thang.

Keep ’em coming folks.




Country Connections – Episode 2 – Beccy Cole and Anne Murray

beccy cole1228_v9_ba

Country Connections is about connecting the music of an Australian artist with one from overseas. When we think about Beccy Cole, we usually think about Dolly Parton.  She is a self confessed uber fan of Dolly and in her shows, there is definitely that element. For many years, I wondered who Beccy sounded like. As much as she entertained and wrote like Dolly, she didn’t really sound like her. Beccy has her own unique qualities, but when she made the album with Melinda Schneider, the two covered the Great Women of Country… of them was Anne Murray the Canadian songbird. Bingo.  I have been a fan of Anne’s since I started following country music when I was a little girl. Why hadn’t I picked it?  Have a listen, and see what you think.


Am I the only one who sees and hears this. Let me know how you think and feel. In the meantime, enjoy these two beautiful women, trailblazers and singers.


The Single Life – 13th June 2020


The singles are coming thick and fast at the moment. Leonie dedicated 7 hours today on new singles and interviews with their owners. I have reviewed some of them before, but there are a few here.

Dom Italiano  (featuring Gretta Ziller) – The Arsonist. is a beautifully produced song from one of my favourite rising stars and the Queen of Melbourne town. They are two of the busiest artists in Victoria at any given time.

Dani Young co-wrote this song with Damien Leith. Outback Lullaby is a showcase for Dani’s vocal gymnastics. It is a very Australian song in content, but it has so many twists vocally, lyrically and musically. It is a bit of a departure for Dani soundwise, but what we have grown to expect from her beautiful and extraordinary vocals.

Sandee Facy is a friend of Michelle Gardiner’s and you can tell. Their style is similar. The song is very nostalgic. It could be anybody’s story of a certain vintage. Even for others, it could remind them of their childhood with variation. Still that Girl is very hummable, very relatable and easy on the ear.

My Heart to Break is the latest from Kora Naughton, who gets better with age, and she was a vintage red when she started – (at below drinking age). It is a catchy, emotional  song and she is starting to find her own voice and her own path. This is the artist who made all of our jaws drop when we first heard her and we had to ring everybody and spread the news. Awesome stuff.

There’s a couple of newbies on the way – Gayle O’Neil and Andrew Swift and Ben Mastwyk and I am sure that there will be others.

Totally Biased Fan Review -Mayhem to Madness – The McClymonts

The McClymonts Mayhem to Madness

The McClymonts are here with their first album for a few years. Brooke made one with hubby, Adam, but they have all been having babies and touring and lots of other things. This one will keep Mac fans happy for another stretch. It even features a song by those other Macs, Fleetwood Mac – Little Lies.

There are a couple of standout songs – Looking for Perfect, lyrically clever and an intriguing and honest portrait of most couples.  A warts and all normal love story.  The other one that I think will be a strong contender for a Kazzie this year is Wish You Hell.

I hadn’t looked at the title of the song and I was listening intently to the words, which is what I try to do so that I get these reviews right. I thought on first take that it was Wish you health, and then wish you help. Then I realised that it was wish you hell. The catch is, that the music is so sweet, with the pedal steel or dobro and gentle guitar and very lovely, gentle vocals that you think nice goodbye thoughts. As the song moves on, the story unravels but the refrain remains sweet. It is a bottler of a song. It makes you think, it makes you feel and you will all know at least 1 person who has been through this. Brilliant stuff.

Most of the album is what you expect from the girls, and I don’t mean that in a bad way, it is just like putting on your favourite slippers or sitting in your favourite spot in the garden. Great harmonies, catchy country pop tunes and familiar subjects and degrees of happiness and angst. Despite the name of the album, it is a comfortable friend in crazy times.

I don’t know when they had the time to put it all together in these times, or with their full lives, but they did. Their personalities always shine through as well. When you hear or see the girls perform or get interviewed, you hear and see exactly what you get on a cd.

It’s a feel good album with a couple of very interesting standout tracks. Give it a spin and enjoy.


  1. Part Time Phase
  2. I Got This
  3. Free Fall
  4. Looking for Perfect
  5. Open Heart
  6. Lighthouse Home
  7. Little Lies
  8. Good Advice
  9. Wish You Hell
  10. Backfired